x- Web Accessibility Resources for Designers

There is an abundance of help on the web. Kim Krause Berg makes her top recommendations for web accessibility and inclusive design support.

For additional resources, check out the Bottom Drawer.

What is the Point of Web Accessibility? Watch the video presentation and lively panel discussion from Duda Con, September 15, 2022.

Recommended Resources


AXE  Pro – https://www.deque.com/axe/devtools/

WAVE Evaluation Tool – https://wave.webaim.org/

Siteimprove – https://www.siteimprove.com/toolkit/accessibility-checker/

ColorZilla – dropper extension

ARC Platform – https://www.tpgi.com/arc-platform/arc-toolkit/

Polypane – https://polypane.app/download/

Color Contrast Tester – https://www.joedolson.com/tools/color-contrast.php

Tanaguru – Color Contrast Testing with recommendations – https://contrast-finder.tanaguru.com/

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