Education and Advice

Education and Advice

Statistics and Data #

World Health Statistics 2000

USA Disability Statistics

Websites with Good Resources #

A Guide to UX Design and Design Thinking for Kids – “Teaching design concepts to kids is not just about teaching them how to make things look pretty. Design skills help to teach creative thinking, which is essential in today’s world. Any person can memorize the answer to a question and parrot it back, but innovation comes from creative minds that can see solutions that not everyone sees. Learning design is one step toward developing a creative mind. In addition, a creative endeavor is, in some ways, a puzzle. There’s a vision in your mind, and you’re trying to solve the puzzle of how to make it real and how to work around your skill and resource limitations. This level of focus improves a child’s problem-solving skills.”

Interaction Design Foundation – The Biggest and Most Authoritative Library of Open-Source UX Design Resources

Adobe – Design Inspiration for UX and UI Workflows – accessibility resources

UX Collective on Medium

Education and Training #

Apple Accessibility

Level Access Webinars

International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)

Interaction Design Foundation

Inclusive Design Principles

Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup Groups

JavaScript the Right Way – Guide

Communities #

Business Disability Forums

Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup Groups – Great global list by Lireo Designs

Education and Advice

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