They Call it a Career

Kim Krause Berg SEO Pioneers

(The History of SEO) “If you understand what motivates us to make decisions, you’re 90% there.” Tucked away in my small kitchen with cassette tapes and 9600 baud modem hogging up the telephone line, somewhere around 1994, I taught myself HTML. Then I got a job as a webmaster. And launched an online community for[…]

Why Accessibility Became My Focus

When people learn about what I do for a living, the conversations always lead to this question: “How did you become interested in accessibility?” The answer is buried inside 23 years working in usability, online conversions, software QA and providing web site audits as an independent consultant.  Previous to this were the trial by fire[…]

Just Doing the Work is Enough

My last conference in the search engine marketing industry was my farewell trip. I didn’t pitch to speak. Instead, I spent four days making sure I was finished, and I was. It’s not that I was a famous conference speaker. I was never a star. There were two moments I feel proud of. One was[…]

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