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The Little Website That Could

On May 25 I pack up Cre8asiteforums, turn off the lights and walk away from an online community I started in 1998 to share how-to information on what was then called “website promotion.” I feel so many things and have so many questions, but there is no place that I know of for owners who have[…]

Convincing Engineers on the Need for Accessibility

I was asked this question. “How would you convince 90 engineers to incorporate accessibility in with design and development?” I had to admit that despite the ideas popping into my mind, I didn’t have an answer I liked. The question nagged at me. Everyone, unless they are already trained, certified or working in the internet[…]

What I Learned From the Job I Didn’t Get

For five weeks I put all client work on hold, went food and sleep deprived, and put on my Jessica Jones shoes and Super Woman mind-set to chase a job that was out of my reach. Nevertheless, I pursued this job and set up a direct, ongoing dialog with the Universe about my progress. If[…]

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