My Story

Kim Krause Berg SEO Pioneers

(The History of SEO) “If you understand what motivates us to make decisions, you’re 90% there.” Tucked away in my small kitchen with cassette tapes and 9600 baud modem hogging up the telephone line, somewhere around 1994, I taught myself HTML. Then I got a job as a webmaster. And launched an online community for[…]

The Early Days with Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski was a legend in the search engine marketing industry. When he died suddenly on May 17, 2022, the shock waves were felt globally. The Master Explainer of Google patents, Bill worked up to his position as Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital by being the most brilliant mind in the industry.[…]

The Little Website That Could

On May 25 I pack up Cre8asiteforums, turn off the lights and walk away from an online community I started in 1998 to share how-to information on what was then called “website promotion.” I feel so many things and have so many questions, but there is no place that I know of for owners who have[…]

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