Accessibility and Inclusion

Respectful Web Design Supports Choices

In your role as website or mobile app designers, have you been taught to respect the needs of your web visitors? Do you know what those needs are? Do you agonize over designing barriers to tasks completion by those who need support? We may sometimes forget to include certain clues to show or guide what[…]

Why Accessibility Became My Focus

When people learn about what I do for a living, the conversations always lead to this question: “How did you become interested in accessibility?” The answer is buried inside 23 years working in usability, online conversions, software QA and providing web site audits as an independent consultant.  Previous to this were the trial by fire[…]

Do I Need an Accessibility Statement?

If you own a website that you want people to use, the answer is yes. All websites are expected to be usable and accessible. If you have heard about adding an official Accessibility Statement to your website it is important to understand what it is for. An accessibility statement does not prevent you or your[…]

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