Kim Krause Berg SEO Pioneers

Head shot of Kim with trees behind her.

(The History of SEO)

“If you understand what motivates us to make decisions, you’re 90% there.”

Tucked away in my small kitchen with cassette tapes and 9600 baud modem hogging up the telephone line, somewhere around 1994, I taught myself HTML. Then I got a job as a webmaster. And launched an online community for website marketers and designers that ran for 20 years.

Shelly Walsh is running a video interview series of the SEO Pioneers. I still consider myself one of the little people surrounded by giants. They went on to fame and fortune. I followed my passion for UX and Accessibility, raised my kids, remarried, and watched the web connect and, then disconnect people.

I was there when it began.

Kim Krause Berg SEO Pioneers
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