Web Design Highlights January 27

Here is the latest grab from my travels.

Comparing Manual and Free Automated WCAG Reviews – https://adrianroselli.com/2023/01/comparing-manual-and-free-automated-wcag-reviews.html

Plaintiffs Set a New Record for Website Accessibility Lawsuit Filings in 2022 – https://www.adatitleiii.com/2023/01/plaintiffs-set-a-new-record-for-website-accessibility-lawsuit-filings-in-2022/

“These numbers do not account for the many demand letters sent out by law firms which never result in lawsuits, as well as lawsuits filed in state courts (mostly in California) which are more difficult to track.  These numbers also do not include lawsuits filed alleging that a mobile app is inaccessible, unless the lawsuit also alleged an inaccessible website.”

The takeaways:

California website accessibility cases dropped because state courts of appeals concluded that online only businesses are not covered by the ADA.

The state of Pennsylvania passed the 200 mark at 216 cases in 2022, putting them in the third spot after New York (2,560 ) and Florida (310).

Desktop Screen Readers Survival Guide – Basic Keyboard Shortcuts – https://dequeuniversity.com/screenreaders/survival-guide

Web Design Highlights January 27
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