Year: 2021


“I’ve embraced web accessibility in my career because it’s ethical to build digital products that everyone can use but live in a country that makes it illegal to give people water and people are shot based on their race.” — KKB

Our Victories Never End

I took a selfie picture of myself on International Women’s day. Actually, there were at least five of them. One of them won. On that day, two friends noted me as a woman they admire. One of them said it was because of our victories. That made me stop what I was doing. Most people[…]

Creative Hiring Finds Great People

They don’t put people like me in job descriptions. I’ve been looking for a job for 2 years. Why? Consulting is my first choice, but unless I’m hired for a project that needs an overachiever, I don’t grow. I’m like a big oak tree. Well established and rooted in the earth, respected, and even admired.[…]

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