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Kim Krause Berg, CPACC

The Return to Cre8pc

You might not remember me or be familiar with my work with accessibility and UX. Many years ago I was part of the search engine marketing industry because I was hired to build websites and promote them on the web. I helped people learn how to do it too.

It all started in 1994 when a friend’s husband turned on his PC and showed me something I had never seen before. It was AOL. In that instant, the world was right smack in front of me.

Enchanted, I remember thinking that with this technology we could create peace because we could finally meet people from all over the planet.

Yeah. I know.

Kim Krause Berg head shot with stone wall in the background.

Going back to the start.

I had too many websites and not enough time to maintain them. You know what happens then, right? Nobody comes to your door and you fall off the Web.

Kim Krause Berg, CPACC

A specialist in the intersection of web accessibility, usability, and conversions optimization. The maze of work history is fascinating reading (just kidding.)

Weaving Together Digital Marketing, Accessibility and UX

I taught myself during the pioneering days of the Web.

Human Experience Design Stories You Liked

Historically speaking, I covered SEO, IA, UX, Accessibility and Web Conversions topics.

Articles 2009 – 2021

The headline from Search Engine Journal for Website Accessibility & the Law: Why Your Website Must Be Compliant

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The User is Out There

The Bottom Drawer

The Bottom Drawer is a collection of resources I use and recommend. It was the focus of one of my previous websites, called The User Is Out There.

Choose from the two categories below or dive in to find more resources.

From the Cre8pc Blog

  • Kim Krause Berg SEO Pioneers
    (The History of SEO) “If you understand what motivates us to make decisions, you’re 90% there.” Tucked away in my small kitchen with cassette tapes and 9600 baud modem hogging up the telephone line, somewhere around 1994, I taught myself HTML. Then I got a job as a webmaster. And launched an online community for … Read more
  • New Book on Digital Marketing Released
    Kim Krause Berg contributes a chapter for the book. I had the honor of being invited to write the chapter on website conversions for Digital Marketing Fundamentals: OMCP’s Official Guide to OMCA Certification now available for pre-sales, with a release of early March. Digital Marketing Fundamentals is authored by digital media and marketing experts Greg Jarboe, … Read more
  • Is AI Authentic?
    I have been examining the authenticity of AI. Are we drifting away from human experience web design? If AI can design wireframes, program code, research and deliver answers to questions, and write for us, where is the creativity coming from? How does AI know what you desire? The video on YouTube comes with a transcript.
  • A Study on the Impact of Closing an Online Community
    If you have ever belonged to an online community or ran one yourself, and find yourself without the community any longer, how did this make you feel? I know when I closed down Cre8asiteforums after a 20-year run, it was an emotionally draining experience even though what was left of a once vibrant community was … Read more
  • Digital Conversions Are No Match for Human Senses and Connection
    In nearly 20 years ecommerce conversions design can’t emulate our human motivations. As the mother of a teenage clothing fanatic, I’m often required to visit my local shopping mall with my daughter to browse the latest cool styles. It occurred to me that the shopping experience is attractive to her not because she wants to … Read more
  • Web Design Highlights January 27
    Here is the latest grab from my travels. Comparing Manual and Free Automated WCAG Reviews – Plaintiffs Set a New Record for Website Accessibility Lawsuit Filings in 2022 – “These numbers do not account for the many demand letters sent out by law firms which never result in lawsuits, as well as lawsuits … Read more
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