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Kim Krause Berg, CPACC

The Return to Cre8pc

You might not remember me or be familiar with my work with accessibility and UX. Many years ago I was part of the search engine marketing industry because I was hired to build websites and promote them on the web. I helped people learn how to do it too.

It all started in 1994 when a friend’s husband turned on his PC and showed me something I had never seen before. It was AOL. In that instant, the world was right smack in front of me.

Enchanted, I remember thinking that with this technology we could create peace because we could finally meet people from all over the planet.

Yeah. I know.

Kim Krause Berg head shot with stone wall in the background.

Going back to the start.

I had too many websites and not enough time to maintain them. You know what happens then, right? Nobody comes to your door and you fall off the Web.

Kim Krause Berg, CPACC

A specialist in the intersection of web accessibility, usability, and conversions optimization. The maze of work history is fascinating reading (just kidding.)

Weaving Together Digital Marketing, Accessibility and UX

I taught myself during the pioneering days of the Web.

Human Experience Design Stories You Liked

Historically speaking, I covered SEO, IA, UX, Accessibility and Web Conversions topics.

Articles 2009 – 2021

The headline from Search Engine Journal for Website Accessibility & the Law: Why Your Website Must Be Compliant

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The User is Out There

The Bottom Drawer

The Bottom Drawer is a collection of resources I use and recommend. It was the focus of one of my previous websites, called The User Is Out There.

Choose from the two categories below or dive in to find more resources.

From the Cre8pc Blog

  • Web Design Highlights January 27
    Here is the latest grab from my travels. Comparing Manual and Free Automated WCAG Reviews – Plaintiffs Set a New Record for Website Accessibility Lawsuit Filings in 2022 – “These numbers do not account for the many demand letters sent out by law firms which never result in lawsuits, as well as lawsuits[…]
  • Respectful Web Design Supports Choices
    In your role as website or mobile app designers, have you been taught to respect the needs of your web visitors? Do you know what those needs are? Do you agonize over designing barriers to tasks completion by those who need support? We may sometimes forget to include certain clues to show or guide what[…]
  • Why Accessibility Became My Focus
    When people learn about what I do for a living, the conversations always lead to this question: “How did you become interested in accessibility?” The answer is buried inside 23 years working in usability, online conversions, software QA and providing web site audits as an independent consultant.  Previous to this were the trial by fire[…]
  • Do I Need an Accessibility Statement?
    If you own a website that you want people to use, the answer is yes. All websites are expected to be usable and accessible. If you have heard about adding an official Accessibility Statement to your website it is important to understand what it is for. An accessibility statement does not prevent you or your[…]
  • One Line of Code Will Not Prevent an ADA Accessibility Lawsuit
    Businesses looking for an easy accessibility fix are purchasing widgets and overlays claiming to fix all their website accessibility problems by simply inserting one line of code. One company getting attention announced receving 12 million in funding to create a product that promises to make websites accessible through AI. Their marketing cleverly avoids the fact[…]
  • The Early Days with Bill Slawski
    Bill Slawski was a legend in the search engine marketing industry. When he died suddenly on May 17, 2022, the shock waves were felt everywhere. The Master Explainer of Google patents, Bill worked up to his position as Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital by being the most brilliant mind in the industry.[…]
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