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swirlAs of October 1, 2012 I began providing the advanced skills I’m known for as the Usability and User Interface Analyst for Internet Marketing Ninjas.  This page describes how you may hire me, and the good news is that I have more time to devote to your company’s needs because I’m no longer pounding the streets promoting my work.

What You Get By Hiring Kim Krause Berg

I’m your Usability and User Experience Analyst, assigned to you by your Project Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas.  From the very start, I play two key roles for you.

Satisfy the Boss – The first is gathering up every nook and cranny details regarding your web site, online business goals, target market, user types, marketing efforts, and business requirements.  Your stakeholders need me to see the whole picture and promise that their needs are met.

Site Visitors Advocate – Once you educate me all about you, I educate you about your web site visitors.  You get to tell me about them and I set out on a mission to help you satisfy their needs.  My work is all about the human story behind the data.  By now we know what people need and want to use web sites, what devices they use, and how to help those with disabilities get the same access to your products as everyone else can.

There are “best practices” for increasing conversions, with most of my action items intended to give you an immediate conversions lift!  I promise you that after 17 years as both a search engine marketer and usability design consultant, I have many solutions intended to solve usability problems on any type of web site.

But Wait!  There’s More!

Internet Marketing Ninjas is first and always about online marketing.  They’re famous for their marketing services.  In fact, as a company they’ve grown to over 100 employees, boast well-known talent on their team and won Best Place to Work two years in a row.  Hire a Ninja and you get a happy employee who knows their stuff.

They understand, beyond any doubt, the one big limit to just marketing web pages and ranking keywords (which they exceed in and everybody knows that.)  That one big limit has to do with your company’s online success. Every dollar you invest in search engine marketing must follow through with a conversion that pays for your investment.

  • Each click should inspire another one and another one until the final result is a purchase, sign-up, subscription, registration, booking, social Follow/Pin/Like and positive branding.
  • Each page should be understood, accessible, easy to use, easy to see, easy to read, fast loading, inspiring, secure, credible, motivating, and customer satisfaction oriented.
  • Each form, shopping cart and online software application should be understood, accessible, easy to use, easy to see, easy to read, fast loading, logical, secure and prevent user errors.

Let’s discuss how I can help make your web site work. Talk to a Ninja Salesperson today and give them this message: “We want to Hire Kim Krause Berg to make our web sites work better so we can beat our competitors.”

In addition to hiring Internet Marketing Ninjas for all of your Internet Marketing needs, you can fortify your investment with these additional services:
Usability Heuristics Audit For Conversions – The basic foundation, suggested for your homepage, product page, category page and contact form. The role of usability is to increase user satisfaction, which in turn, gives a conversions lift.
User Interface Conversions – This is the next step or a standalone audit that includes the Usability Heuristics Audit. This is where I conduct tasks and funnels based on your requirements. The scope of this audit can be applied to PPC campaign landing pages, shopping cart testing, tasks with forms and applications, etc.

Ask About Hiring Kim Krause Berg For:


  • Web Site Usability Audits
  • Hourly Phone Consulting
  • Landing Page Conversions Reviews
  • Accessibility Compliance – for ecommerce, healthcare, medical, .edu sites
  • Section 508, 504, PAS 78 Compliance for .gov and .edu sites
  • Shopping cart User Interface and Functional Testing
  • Online Software Application User Interface and Functional Testing – for tools, application driven sites, complicated forms
  • User Personas – used in web site and application design and development
  • Mobile Device – testing, emulation
  • Formal Requirements Documentation
  • Speaking
  • Workshops/Training

Yes! Please Add User Experience Conversions to my Marketing Strategy