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I like watching people use web sites. Their likes, dislikes, environment, habits, expectations, and abilities to perform online tasks are all unique. Sometimes I think I’ll spend my retirement sitting in a shopping mall doing user testing, for fun. I was interviewed by the famous Ralph Wilson who has long been dedicated to small businesses. In this video, he wanted to know how a small business can do affordable user testing, how to do it and why it helps.

Dr. Susan Weinschenk is one of my most favorite teachers in the Human Factors/UX world. In the video below, which is a very cool animation, she gets down to brass tacks with The ROI of User Experience with Dr. Susan Weinschenk. It’s worth five minutes of your time, especially when she gets into the numbers.

If your web site contains images of products, what is the best way to present those pictures? Is “click to enlarge” the only step to take for an alternative view? Here are some ideas to jazz up your product images: 1. Get close up shots. If you sell boots, offer a way to see the tread. If you sell handmade jewelry, show the types of clasps. 2. If you sell earrings, do you offer it in a variety of hooksRead more…