was launched in 1996 by Kim Krause Berg as a teaching site for search engine optimization. It morphed in 2002 to focus on Holistic Usability and SEO. Kim founded Cre8asiteforums in 1998, which was acquired by Internet Marketing Ninjas in 2012.

This website will change again August 2014 into a completely new venture with a different purpose.


Since leaving Internet Marketing Ninjas, I have not only returned to the work I love, but am taking some new and different turns with my life. First, I am deeply grateful to my closest friends and family for holding meRead more…

In my happy place

An old friend wrote on my Facebook page, when I said I selling this site, “You are a true internet pioneer.”  And then others wrote to me.  Real friends.  Encouraging friends. But what really got to me was the unhappyRead more…

Cre8pc is for sale

  Cre8pc was launched as a teaching web site for search engine optimization and later provided SEO services, a directory, blog, usability articles directory and launched Cre8asiteforums.com.    


Web site usability and information architecture are still my drug of choice. Whenever I feel close to quitting, I find others who not only believe in the value of UX work, but explain its value better than I can. UXRead more…

Figure looking at laptop

Before search engines appeared, how did Internet users find information? Where was information located and who had it all? It is hard to imagine what life was like before the Internet became part of our daily lives.  Schools are removingRead more…

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