A Few of My Favorite Things

Hi Ya’ll! My name is Arielle. I am a 23 year old, nature loving, hippie girl trying to find her place in this world.

Just as a recap of my life right now, I graduated about a year ago, landed an amazing first job, learning amazing valuable lessons that they do not teach you in college and loving every minute of it. (Minus, the recovering college student budget) Thank you student loans and entry level jobs. But hey, I gotta start somewhere. It only gets better from here. And to top it off, I have an amazing guy by my side. He puts up with my craziness, which is awesome.

Anyway, lets get to business. My part of this blog will show you that I have a few main interests. And I will share and show you all of my tips, how to’s, stories and more. A few of my favorite things: tea, hiking, photography, farmers markets, coffee shops, soup, essential oils, shopping, music and sunshine. As a bonus, I will be sharing my favorite products with you. These include:

  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Arbonne: Health and Wellness products
  • A.Lee Photography: local photographer catching great shots of couples, families and more!
  • Swank Gwankies: handmade goodies
  • Many Tea varieties

So, I hope you will enjoy our secrets for the wind and see life from our mother/daughter perspective :)

– The Daughter

Arielle sitting in her apt

The Day My Daughter Showed Me Her First Apartment

Arielle sitting in her apt

I have friends of all ages from around the world who are parents. Whether they are moms or dads, many of them use Facebook or their blogs to share photos and stories about their kids. It’s like a club and the rules are simple. You are a parent and you adore your family.

Most of my co-workers are young and having their first babies. They are not ready for my phase in life where my first baby has just moved into her first apartment. Did I feel sad? No. What did I feel?

Happy She’s Happy

I know I’ve job as her mother well when she shares so much with me – the good and bad. She and her boyfriend/practically fiance found the apartment. It’s in a town she loves. She can walk to work.

How uncanny it is that her first apartment is just a block from my first apartment, that I shared with a group of friends in the 1980’s. I also walked to my job from there. It’s also within walking distance to the house we rented in town where she lived as a baby.

The apartment has character.

It’s filled with light.

She and I went shopping for a shower curtain, bathroom towels, silverware…you know, the stuff that’s fun to pick out when it’s your’s. She used her own money for most of it. She also made the arrangements for the lease and getting the furniture in it and fussing over how things will be for her and her mate.

How Did I Feel?


Is This All There Is?

If you’ve ever sat outside at night time, looked up at the sky and gazed at your surroundings in silence, have you ever wondered what secrets are waiting for you to hear them?  Do you wonder, sometimes, if this is all there is?

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to know more.  The topic never mattered as much as the wanting to know.  I wished I was smarter in school, better at sports and happy to be here when I was growing up.  I didn’t understand that my problem was that I had so many questions and nobody had the answers that felt true to me.  Their information was true for them. So in time I asked so many questions and read about so many different things that I formulated the idea that nothing was true and the best I could do was listen to the silence for guidance.

Kim with braid

When I turned fifty years old, I felt 30.  I don’t look over 50 years old either.  The idea came to me one day that my endless curiosity for knowing everything there is gave me the tools to stay young, for if I were to stop being so fascinated by everything that grabs my curiosity, I would have no reason to live.

Secrets Are Stories

People don’t share secrets with people they distrust.  If you consider all the new findings reported from science, biology, archeology and history, clearly the human race couldn’t be trusted to know certain things.  I realized that the planet Earth herself was holding back and who can blame her after what we’ve done?

Fortunately there are people around the world who have been listening to the secrets for the wind that come from their sources, be it their ability to tab into senses the eyes can’t see, or hearing the whispers from their guardians and guides, to knowledge passed on for each proven lesson. While no ultimate information is a one-size-fits-all Truth, there is one way I measure learning about something new.  That way is called Unconditional Love.  We’re already bombarded with information forced on us out of fear, a need to control and definitely bully us into listening, sharing and believing.  Even as  a child I knew and felt this was wrong. It takes more courage to open your mind and heart to do what’s right for yourself, your body, your family, your life and all the life that surrounds you.  I think the Universe will share more with us when we can be trusted to cherish Its secrets.