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The Magic of Hippie Dust

The kids

 I marvel that I have two very different offspring.  One, a earthy natural living healing organic woman and the other competitive, all around sportsman, and future US Marine. The almost Marine made the decision to step up and serve his country after September 11 happened.  He was in the third grade.  One fourth of his […]

A Matter of Perspective

Balanced rocks

 Have you ever been prompted to speak up and then when you talk, the words rush out in some kind of jibberish that does not resemble what your mind wanted you to say? Two days ago I listened to a speaker give a talk that I had trouble with.  It wasn’t so much the topic, […]

I Wasn’t Sure About the Pink

Kim at the farm

 Just to prove how dangerous I can be editing CSS, I messed up the header in an attempt to remove some of the pink.  I think the color got back at me.  It wants to be here. Pink is not a popular color with websites according to color studies.  But I cheated and grabbed a […]

Keep Calm and Detox

Peach DeTox

 Well. What a winter it has been. Cold. Dry. Dark. Snow. Snow. Ice. Snow. My body is starting to take a toll. Not only emotionally, but physically. One thing that I always think of when I am feeling lousy is “Detox.”  My body needs a break from all the toxins I expose my body to. […]

Phone Booth

Phone booth

 I decided to turn my life around when the only choice I had left was to make a phone call from a phone booth near a church in a rural small town that sits quietly beside the Delaware River in Pennsylvania. I don’t remember what I said and I’m sure I made the call to […]

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Kim by tree

 Suddenly my daughter is my clone.  How did that happen?  This new version of me is prettier and has a college degree.  And one boyfriend. Whereas I had %@^@^!!## of the boyfriend traumas, breakups and solid belief that no male would ever love me, she got her boyfriend in high school and they are still […]

Cacao Cocoa


 Well, after the catastrophe I had this morning… I definitely needed something to cheer me up. It has been snowing since this morning and there are a few flakes still floating around out there. My car did not like driving on the slippery roads and luckily my work closed and I am back at my […]

Kill Germs with Thieves!


 If you are anything like me this time of the year, you are washing hands, eating healthy, drinking water and staying far away from all of the sick people. But sometimes our bodies need extra help, especially if we feel the first symptoms of a cold coming on. I have so many friends with children […] began in 1996 as a personal site, by 1998 was a site that taught search engine optimization, and by 2002 it was a blog and business site for usability design and SEO produced by website usability consultant, Kim Krause Berg. It was re-launched in 2015 as a simple blog.