Balanced rocks

A Matter of Perspective

Have you ever been prompted to speak up and then when you talk, the words rush out in some kind of jibberish that does not resemble what your mind wanted you to say?

Two days ago I listened to a speaker give a talk that I had trouble with.  It wasn’t so much the topic, which was confusing to start with.  It was supposed to be a positive talk about how, rather than the doom and gloom predicted for 2012 and the so-called “end times”, he found that more and more Light was evident.  Everywhere he could see were happy people participating in the uplifting of the planetary vibe.

I rebelled.  My heart rate increased.  In the room we were in, which is a small center for inter-faith spiritual celebration, it is indeed a setting where I usually relax and catch my breath.  The decor is all gold, yellows, white, with candles, crystals and religious artifacts from various teachings.  The people listening to the talk were healers, spiritual seekers, peace workers and walkers of many paths, the majority of them older than me.  After his talk, many of them raised their hands to share feedback and what they got out of his talk.

My breathing was short and I felt angry.   While I listened to the discussions after his presentation I tried to quietly investigate what was bothering me.  To my ears, I was hearing a lot of self-congratulating about how special these people are and how the town is an energy vortex.  It is true that the town is special and progressive but the same could be said for several towns nearby that are sprouting healing centers, organic farms, holistic education and getting back to the land type of lifestyles and businesses that support them.  In my mind I was thinking that rather than pat our backs, was it not also important to teach others how to create the same great places to live?

Balanced rocksI also heard, correctly or not, that the negative events happening in the world are not so bad because they provide the opportunity for us to bless the lessons we will learn.  That is not how mainstream people see the world.  I felt angry because while people who have reached this level of awareness can and do view events like terrorism, war, white cops killing black men and political turmoil as opportunities to send love and benevolent prayers, the majority of people I know are in the thick of depression, fear and stress, especially young people.  The Light, to me, has a long way to go before I would be satisfied that it is seen and felt by the world majority.

Some people mentioned they don’t watch TV or listen to the news because it is negative. Many of the people there don’t participate with Facebook or any Internet activity outside of email.  To me, it is easy to say things are going well when you are hiding under a rock.  I kept thinking of my conversations on Facebook with young people I know who need help making sense of their world and my 20 years of moderating several global online forums. Communication is the perfect opportunity to teach peaceful, unconditional ways to live together.  I was frustrated.

Before the talk, the minister told a story about two nuns who went to a store and debated buying beer.  One nun thought it would cause problems, while the other grabbed the beer and proceeded the checkout counter.  At the funny look they received, the nun explained they use the beer to wash their hair.  After a moment’s hesitation, the clerk reached under the counter and handed them a bag of pretzels to go with the beer, saying “And these are for the curls.”  The story was about courage and to me, breaking out of the box and one’s comfort zone.

I raised my hand.  I don’t remember what I said.  Not a single mumbled thing with the exception that I referred to the courage shown by the nuns.  I do remember the response to something I said that caused the room to erupt in an audible disagreement of no.  I was trying to express that from my work and exposure to people from around the world, there is a tremendous need for people like those in the room to get out there and be examples of the positive Light visionaries they claimed to be.

I was cut off when I got to the part about teaching compassion.  However, the minister turned around to say I brought up a topic that warranted more time and I felt she sensed my despair.

After that, I was an emotional wreck.  My daughter was sitting to my left and a new friend, close to my age sitting to my right picked up on my distress and whispered encouragement. She understood what I was trying to say, but funnily enough, I could no longer remember what I said and was beating myself up for raising my hand.

There was a silent meditation next, and tears filled my eyes.  I was really hurting.  My friend and daughter got me through the rest of the morning until it was time go.  Not staying to mingle, I left the building immediately with my daughter, needing to get outside and go home.  My wise daughter talked to me and said that she, like my friend, understood my intent and that I said some things that might not be understood unless the life experiences are like mine.

We ended up returning to the building, where my friend embraced me with hugs of comfort.  Two people came up to me, saying they thought I did fine but I felt shunned by others who were around, but by then I was hyper-sensitive and unable to judge anything from a place of balance.

Two days later and I still think about what led up to me raising my hand.  I’m not afraid to speak up, grab a microphone, talk in front of a crowd or any type of public speaking.  When I speak up, it is because it feels as if something or someone is pushing me – hard!  That is what this felt like.  However, the words came crashing out in unorganized thought patterns where I didn’t feel as though my point was made and instead I felt misunderstood.

Has this ever happened to you?

Kim at the farm

I Wasn’t Sure About the Pink

Just to prove how dangerous I can be editing CSS, I messed up the header in an attempt to remove some of the pink.  I think the color got back at me.  It wants to be here.

Pink is not a popular color with websites according to color studies.  But I cheated and grabbed a WordPress theme and this one had lots of pink in it.  I removed most of it and replaced it with green.  Green is a nature color.  It matches the two yellow chairs in the photo on the homepage.
Kim at the farmWhich of course I agonized over.

I like the idea of the two yellow chairs placed on the homepage.  I imagine you are sitting there chatting with me.  I took the picture from a local farm where we go every week to pick up our share of organically grown produce. There is a large herb garden, which is so big there are several seating areas inside it.  Each Tuesday evening my daughter and I drive to the farm and fill our wicker baskets and canvas bags with a large amount of fresh produce.  We stroll the flower gardens where we can pick a new bouquet of sunflowers, zinneas, and a wide variety of flowers whose names I don’t know.

There are long sections where we pick our cherry and plum tomatoes, strawberries, and green and wax beans.  I’m crazy about cooking with fresh cut herbs and while I grow my own, the farm provides sage, oregano and other herbs I don’t have room for.  No matter how stressed I am when I get to the farm, by the time we are done, an hour has passed and I am breathing normally again.

Pink is the chosen color for the breast cancer campaign.  It means courage to me.

It was my daughter’s favorite color, until she decided lavender was better.

Some choices are easy.

Peach DeTox

Keep Calm and Detox

Peach DeToxWell. What a winter it has been. Cold. Dry. Dark. Snow. Snow. Ice. Snow. My body is starting to take a toll. Not only emotionally, but physically. One thing that I always think of when I am feeling lousy is “Detox.”  My body needs a break from all the toxins I expose my body to. So, I figured I would share some words of wisdom about detoxing.

What we want to do is cleanse the body to allow it to perform its best. Then other pieces of our life will fall back into balance.

Detoxing is just as important as exercising and eating well. If our organs are healthy and working well, they will naturally detox, but sometimes we just expose our bodies to so much yuck, that you need to help it out a bit. ( or a lot, for some of you!)

You may need to detox if you …..

  • Experience breakouts
  • Noticing aging of the skin
  • Have dull and dry skin
  • Low energy
  • Tired
  • Headaches
  • Have poor digestion
  • Depression or anxiety

Think of it like a car. Your car will not run properly if you do not change the oil and add gas to it. Your body will not function properly if you do not clear out toxic buildup, which over time will absolutely contribute to disease, inflammation, psychological issues and worst of all…. Wrinkles!!!!!!! No, but for real ladies. We are constantly painting on a face of makeup, spraying hair spray, slathering on lotion,  eating sometimes unhealthy food, working, working and working some more. Your body deserves some TLC.

So anyway….IMG_65831-225x300

I have to tell you about my favorite detox products from Arbonne. The  Seasource detox spa (Id # 13657943) products are made from, well.. the sea. These products combine 9 restorative minerals and trace elements with 9 different sea botanicals. The amazing technology behind these products allows your body to detox, while providing a 24 hours moisture shield so you can block future toxins from entering your body!! (Food for thought: anything that is contact with your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream within 26 seconds!!!)


What are other ways you can detox this winter?

  • Give your liver some lovin, and start your mornings off with some warm water with lemon. Yea, I will admit, it is not a cup of coffee or tea. But just suck it up. You can use lemon essential oil (ID # 1520586) or squeeze a fresh one. Done!
  • What you put in your body is important too. You do not have be drastic, but try incorporating more organic produce into your diet. Look up the “Dirty Dozen.” Reduce the amount of pesticides and additives by switching a few things to organic!
  • Give your body a break from sugar for 1-2 weeks. Your digestive system and skin will appreciate the break.
  • Drink tea!!! If you have never been to a Wegman’s. GO!!!!! Specifically, go down the natural tea isle. There are so many detox teas to try. Pick up 1. Detox tea will help you lose water weight and make your skin glow.
  • If you are like me, and suffer from bloating and stomach aches… try this tip: “Mindful eating.” Instead of just shoveling food into your mouth, actually focus on each bite. Focus on how that food is going to nourish your body and your soul. DO NOT eat on the run. DO NOT eat when you are angry, upset or stressed. Just sip some tea, and eat when your mind is free to focus on what you are eating.
  • Go sit in a sauna. Sweat baby sweat those toxins out!!! Woo!Z1_SeaSource_ExpressSet_print-3-214x300
  • If you are on Pinterest. Which I know you are!!! Then you are fully aware of what a detox bath is. If you are not doing a weekly detox bath, then start now! And if you are reading this yelling at me saying you do not have a bath tub, don’t worry.. I got you covered. Try this: grab a mug, fill it with Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender oil. Bring it in the shower with you and rub it all over. Treat it like a body scrub, feel free to rub it on your face and feet too!
  • Also, juicing is a great way to detoxify. You will get the full nutritional benefit from the fruits and veggies when you juice them. And in the winter months, we can all benefit from the vitamins and minerals.


If you nurture your mind, body, and spirit, your time will expand. You will gain a new perspective that will allow you to accomplish much more. -Brian Koslow

If you are interested in ordering the Seasource Detox Spa products, enter this ID # 13657943 when checking out.

If you are interested in ordering lemon or any other fun oils, enter ID #1520586 when checking out.

Or email me at

-The Daughter

Phone booth

Phone Booth

I decided to turn my life around when the only choice I had left was to make a phone call from a phone booth near a church in a rural small town that sits quietly beside the Delaware River in Pennsylvania.

I don’t remember what I said and I’m sure I made the call to my mother collect, so it was a relief she accepted the charges.  I had my doubts.  Countless attempts to get my life together failed and by the time I reached for the phone’s receiver and mustered up the courage to make the call, I had run out of ideas.  I knew I couldn’t return home because that was a “Sink or Swim” rule set forth by my parents.  There was no going back, but I had no idea how to go forward either.

Phone booth

There was such an emptiness in my entire being mixed with terror.  I believed there was nobody on the entire planet who cared if I lived or died and so it was such a shock to hear my mother say into the phone, “Thank God you’re alive” and then she directed me to drive out to the center of the State where they lived and we’d figure things out.  The shock of being important to somebody and incredible feeling that someone wanted to help me was so intense I can still remember it clearly over 30 years later.

Did I cry?  I don’t recall.  In the years that followed that phone call I cried often.  Putting me back together was no easy thing and it took years.  I was not liked much and I could count on one hand the number of people who may have actually loved me.  I didn’t deserve to be loved, nor was I easy to love.  For a long time, anyone who tried to love me would just get hurt.  My Dad said to me once during those putting humpty-dumpty-Kim back together years that I was the angriest person he’d ever known.  I remember wondering how he knew such an ultimate truth that I hadn’t even admitted to myself.

There’s no getting around the fact that after I made that phone call my life was going to become extremely difficult because I was 23 years old, broke, jobless, homeless and hopeless.  And angry.  I don’t like to remember it.

There was one gigantic turning point however.  Actually, there were two of them but the first one is too painful to write about.  The nicer one occurred when my mother took me to see a talk given by a man named Terry Campbell, who stated these words that shot through me like a lighting bolt – “You exist because God loves you.”    Remember that I believed that nobody loved me and worse, I made that happen.  It was my fault.  I was a terrible person and didn’t deserve love.  It never occurred to me that God loved me no matter what.  Terry spoke about a religion called Eckankar and how we are all Souls and much more that made absolute sense.  My childhood and teenage interest in world religions was rekindled and for the next 25 years I followed the path of Eckankar and its teachings healed me; and they saved my life.

Today I’m a spiritual mutt, grounded in Native American teachings, with an Eck backbone, and strong tendencies for Buddhism, Essenes, Judaism, and the core teachings of love and tolerance that Jesus taught.  I bristle at anything intolerant because I know how it feels to be judged.   I never believed in the concept of sin. Ever.  I felt bad enough about myself without the added bonus of being a sinner, even as a baby.  Although baptized as a Lutheran, I did that because it was a demand when I was 19 years old – another story, another time, another bunch of sad memories .

I’m in my 50’s today.  From my past life in this lifetime I retained my sense of humor, smile, and ability to love others.  I learned it’s true when they say that you have to love yourself first and then the pieces of your puzzle work into their proper place.  By age 29 I was rebuilt, and dating the man who would be the father of my two kids when I was 32 and 35 years old.  I had another burst of growth at age 38 where I realized who I was and where I wanted to go next.  That too is another story, but it has a happy ending.

I haven’t been back to that tiny riverside town since I made that phone call from the phone booth by the church.  I’m sure the phone booth was removed but the old, small church is still there.  I wonder if anyone in that church knows that their phone booth rescued a lost young woman and that from the moment she made her phone call, God took over from there.

Kim by tree

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Suddenly my daughter is my clone.  How did that happen?  This new version of me is prettier and has a college degree.  And one boyfriend.

Whereas I had %@^@^!!## of the boyfriend traumas, breakups and solid belief that no male would ever love me, she got her boyfriend in high school and they are still together in their mid-20’s.

At a recent party a family member remarked that her mannerisms are just like mine and people say we look alike.  I see we have the same nose and she’s slender, like I was a thousand years ago.  We have been to places where we are considered sisters and darned if I’m going to correct that one!

What fascinates me is how much she has grown into a mini-me in areas like my love for essential oils, Bach flower remedies, holistic health, mindfulness, organic food and earthy stuff.  Neither of us is afraid to hug trees.  In fact, Arielle is a third-generation tree hugger.

Tree Spirits

When she was an infant, her Dad and I went to visit my parents who live a distance away.  I wore Arielle in a frontpack carrier.  During a walk in a nearby park on that beautifully warm sunshiny day my mom asked to wear her granddaughter.  I removed Arielle from myself and attached her to my mom and watched as mom strolled away into a patch of nearby trees.  She stayed there with Arielle for awhile and when she finally returned she said she introduced Arielle to the tree spirits.

Kim by treeI found that comforting because I’ve always found that being around trees makes me feel happy.  As a teenager we lived in a rural area and spent countless hours walking around the woods following deer trails.  It was easy to find a place to sit on the ground below the Pine trees that sprinkled layers and layers of pine needles onto the ground into a reddish cushioned bed.  I took books there to read.  There, alone with the trees by the creek nearby and probably watched by rabbits, birds and deer, I was never afraid.

I’ve decided to carry on the tradition of tree blessings for my grandchildren someday.

Even better, would be bringing my mom along with me.


Cacao Cocoa

IMG_5421-300x300Well, after the catastrophe I had this morning… I definitely needed something to cheer me up. It has been snowing since this morning and there are a few flakes still floating around out there. My car did not like driving on the slippery roads and luckily my work closed and I am back at my apartment safely. After ripping off all of my layers and untying my boots, the first thing that came to my mind was hot cocoa. I began searching for those delicious packets of hot cocoa, only to realize I did not have one lousy packet! Then of course my instinct was to get onto Pinterest and look up a recipe for hot cocoa.

After searching for the perfect hot cocoa recipe and digging through my cupboard, I decided to just  make my own concoction. I found my raw cacao bag in my baking drawer. It has never been opened because I did not know what I wanted to use it in. So I am sure you know what is coming. I made my hot cocoa with raw cacao! yummmmmm!

First thing is first. We need to realize what is ACTUALLY in those cute little packets we buy at the grocery store:

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Mix: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Whey Modified, Cocoa processed with alkali, coconut oil hydrogenated, milk-non fat, contains less than 22% of salt, dipottasium phosphate, carrageenan, flavors artificial, mono and diglycerides

I don’t know about you, but I have been TRYING to stay away from creepy chemicals and artificial ingredients. So, I was definitely ready to give this cacao a try.

So, raw cacao is just raw chocolate. As an added bonus is has antioxidants, iron and magnesium.  Now obviously I am not saying that hot cocoa is healthy and you should drink it everyday! It is a treat to be enjoyed on special occasions.

So I like to whip up random recipes and tend not to use exact measurements. But this is my general recipe:


 Cacao Cocoa

  • 2 tablespoons of raw cacao
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • cinnamon stick (or dash of cinnamon)
  • 2 cups of milk (cow’s milk, almond milk, coconut) the thicker the milk the better :)
  • Tiny dash of cayenne if you want a kick
  • Sugar to balance the richness of the cacao(raw sugar, honey, whatever you like)


  • marshmallows
  • dark chocolate chips to mix in and add a different flavor
  • giant mug to cuddle up with

Whip up a batch: Get a saucepan out. Pour your milk in. Then add your cacoa powder, sugar, vanilla and spices. Continue to stir until powder is mixed in well and it is steamy hot! Then pour into your big mug and add marshmallows and a dash of cinnamon for cuteness.(yes I know, I will have to work on a natural marshmallow recipe)

PS. Do you love hot cocoa, but not digging this healthy version??? Just dig out your old school cocoa powder and some yummy chocolate and stir it into hot milk. Get creative.

I hope you enjoy my recipe :) Happy Snowday!



– The Daughter

Ingredient Source:(


Kill Germs with Thieves!

If you are anything like me this time of the year, you are washing hands, eating healthy, drinking water and staying far away from all of the sick people. But sometimes our bodies need extra help, especially if we feel the first symptoms of a cold coming on. I have so many friends with children and I have this urge to give all the mom’s my Thieves essential oil!

If you are new to Young Living oils, you are probably wondering what the heck is thieves?! And if you are anything like my Dad, you may be judging a book by its cover. He got mad at me when we saw a package at the door that says “Thieves” all over the packaging.  He was a bit concerned until I told him how AWESEOME this stuff is. Keep reading…..

This essential oil is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary. It is essentially a cold remedy in a bottle. Thieves has some amazing healing properties. Specifically it is antiviral and antibacterial. So why is it called Thieves? Well, in the 15th century thieves rubbed this oil combination on themselves to avoid contracting the plague when they robbed the bodies of the dead and dying. Depressing, but true. When the thieves were caught, they were forced to tell their secret for staying healthy while robbing the sick. So from then on people used this oil combination to protect themselves from illnesses. Pretty cool huh!!! So anyway, this is how you could incorporate Thieves into your daily life:

  • I am using Thieves in my dishwasher as we speak. Just add a mug of water with a couple drops of Thieves into the top drawer and put some baking soda in the soap spot and run the dishwasher. It will neutralize odors and kill germs. (I just moved into an apartment and wanted to clean it before my first load of dishes went in!)
  • If you have a diffuser, diffuse Thieves for a few hours to ward off sick germs and bacteria in the air. You can do this during the day or at night.
  • Before bed, I put a drop or 2 in my hands, rub them together and them rub it on the soles of my feet. When you add oils to your feet, it enters your blood stream quicker. So if you are feeling crappy, this is the way to go!
  • Theives has cloves in it, so you can put a little on your finger and rub it on a tooth pain. This will numb it and give you temporary pain relief.
  • If you need a lip plumper, rub some Thieves on your lips with coconut oil. The cloves and cinnamon plump up your lips, while the coconut nourishes chapped lips.
  • Let me ask you a question. Do you change your toothbrush every 3 months? If you do, awesome!! If not, put a drop on your toothbrush now and then to sanitize it! One time I was on vacation, I forgot my toothpaste. In a pinch, I just added a drop of thieves and brushed with that! PS. Even better if you have peppermint oil ;)
  • I just recently moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. Before that, he lived in the basement of his parent’s house. Being the health freak that I am, I always thought there were hidden sources of mold down there. So if you detect mold anywhere in your home, Thieves is your go to oil. Grab a dish and put a couple drops in it, let it get to work.
  • Maintain health by adding a drop to hot tea or water. Whenever I am feeling under the weather, I like to do this, because it is quick. It is a bit spicy, but gets the job done!
  • If you suffer from candida or yeast infections, ingest thieves directly. Add a drop to water or tea or add a few drops to a capsule and swallow. ( you can order capsules through young living)
  • Diffuse in the office, nursery or home to prevent colds and flu.
  • Don’t have a diffuser?? Add a few drops to a boiling pot of water. Let it simmer for a few minutes to allow the oil to diffuse into the air.

I could go on and on about how to use Thieves, but I will save that for a rainy day!

So if you are natural health kind of person, don’t believe in flu shots or just need to clean and neutralize the air in your home or office, this is the oil for you! And it smells like Christmas J

I hope this helps! If you are interested in ordering oils email me at or go directory to and start shopping away. All you have to do is enter my id number at checkout: 1520586

Thieves oil is a great gift for teachers, doctors or anyone that is around large amounts of people!


Rose in the desertBeing a child of divorce, I had a pretty busy lifestyle. Since the age of 6, I have been on the move. A duffle bag of clothes, a toothbrush at each house, I went in between two households up until college. And it didn’t stop there. College still required moving in and out of apartments, visiting both of my households. Now, 23, graduated, working girl just moved into an apartment with her boyfriend. Do you know what this means???? This means, for once in my life I will be settled. In one home. In one place. In one bed. With all of my clothes and shoes in one spot. With my ONE and Only Guy!

– The Daughter