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Goodbye Quiet Rally

Quiet Rally

 It’s awkward writing about something painful while in the process of dealing with the feelings and emotions, the sluggish body and brain shouting out conflicting orders to me.  Whoever I am.  Because at the moment, I’m not sure. When there is loss, like losing something or someone you love, suddenly nothing makes sense, or it […]

I’d Like to Teach the World To Be

I’d Like to Teach the World To Be

 If someone were to ask you to make a list of ways you could help change the world for the better, what would you think of? I was inspired by this when a friend asked on Facebook, “If someone gave you lists of 10 small (but definite) things you could do to help change the […]

Growing Human

Flowers in a garden

 In February of every year since 1992 I remember when I planted my first vegetable garden. It was the last year the ground was thawed enough to be rototilled in a Pennsylvanian winter, at least for our townhouse. We purchased our townhouse in a quiet, small town in upper Bucks County past the hustle and […]

Don’t Move the Cheerios

His going away cake

 It took the threat of moving my son’s Cheerios to finally uncover the reasons why I wasn’t coping well with his being at Marines boot camp. My sister was the first to realize I was troubled.  Not that my husband didn’t know, or me, but I couldn’t articulate what was bothering me and he is […]

Captain’s Log

July 2014. I wanted to retire and throw out all the computers in my life and live off the land. I quit working for a company that did not need me anymore. I stopped writing and miss it.

August 2014. I decided to start a new company and teach myself some things I had been wanting to learn, like Reiki healing and Responsive web design. I stopped writing and miss it.

September 2014. My friend Donna came up with the name of my new business. I made 3 new websites and got some new client work. I stopped writing and miss it.

October 2014. I fell in love with a horse. I stopped writing and miss it.

November 2014. I hate the websites I made and have no time to maintain them. I decided to go back to my first website, which is this one. And start writing again.

December 2014. The holidays came. Who the hell has time to write in a blog? I did it all inside my head and pretended you saw all the posts.

January 2015. Happy New Year. I made one post and am writing one more. We're on a roll. I am writing again and I've missed it.

February 2015 Happy Valentines Day. I swapped out the WordPress template, tossed in some super gigantic photos to slow you down and actually wrote some new posts.

March 2015 I think everybody forgot me. Still playing with the layout. Every other Tuesday I hate the slider. Is anybody here

April 2015 My son came home from Marines boot camp on April 4. The horse I loved was sold on April 12. My son leaves for 2 months of more training on April 14. Everything has a date.

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