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Don’t Move the Cheerios

His going away cake

 It took the threat of moving my son’s Cheerios to finally uncover the reasons why I wasn’t coping well with his being at Marines boot camp. My sister was the first to realize I was troubled.  Not that my husband didn’t know, or me, but I couldn’t articulate what was bothering me and he is […]

Fear, Anger and Hatred: A Day in a Life on Facebook

Person holding back a giant rok.

 Every day, about 20 times per day, I tell myself I HAVE to quit Facebook.  My husband did that awhile ago and thinks I’m crazy to still use it. I tell myself I “need” it for the work I do.  Somewhere in that statement is an opportunity for a therapist to fix me. I was […]

Why I Choose To Wear Leggings And Whatever I Want

Kim standing in leggings

 When a Christian woman claims she can’t wear leggings because it turns men on and dishonors her husband, I need to speak up for the other women on the planet who use the brains God gave us. I won’t justify the article with a link to it.  It is written by a woman referring to herself […]

Please Don’t Call Me a Rockstar

Single rose

 My first gut reaction when I see someone called a “Rockstar” in the online marketing and web design industries is to move on to something of substance. I realize that most successful online marketers have egos the size of Mount Everest and prefer to associate with members of their own kind.  Not belonging to their […]

Marine Mom – Care and Feeding Your Recruit

Son and mom

 Marine mom sleep is like having a newborn at home, where you wake every few hours to feed your child and cuddle. The other night at about 3am I distinctly heard my son call out, “Mom!” as if he was in his bedroom right down the hallway.  For the next 10 minutes I analyzed the […]

Window Altars and Training a Marine Mom


 They, the kind folks who run the U.S. Marines, make sure Marine mothers know exactly what their kid is doing everyday at boot camp. This is week one and I’m scared to death. Okay, not really.  Stefan has prepared for this journey since he was in the third grade.  I was in denial until he was […]

Get Back on The Horse

Rally in ring

 I was never a brave horse rider in my mind because for starters, once a fence went higher than 4 feet high, I lost my nerve to try and convince a horse to jump over it with me on its back. When I was a teenager I was given a gray gelding named Nelson.  When […]

Marine Mom – Day One

Hatboro Marines and Navy

 We drove Stefan to the Marine and Air Force recruiting office in Hatboro, PA because his recruiter person had a sudden death in the family and was unable to provide transportation for my son, one of his recruits. I know “recruiter person” is not the official term but I’m still getting the hang of Marines […] began in 1996 as a personal site, by 1998 was a site that taught search engine optimization, and by 2002 it was a blog and business site for usability design and SEO produced by website usability consultant, Kim Krause Berg. It was re-launched in 2015 as a simple blog.