About Cre8pc

supermoonThis website is here because I believe that we are born as loving beings with peace in our hearts. As we grow up, we quickly learn that people are mean and by the time we are old enough to think about what we see and hear happening around us, we come to know that human beings will harm each other and our planet.

What has happened to cause us to become the kind of people who kill and torture people and animals? Is our only choice to tolerate this behavior we see?

We learned that if we stand up against people who, for whatever reason, have chosen hateful actions, we can die. Our right to love and accept others without conditions has been lost and I want it back.

In the mid 1990′s I bought a license plate for my car called “cre8pc”. It stands for “Create Peace”. When I started a consulting business, I named it after my license plate. I started out a web designer, than established myself in the search engine marketing industry, and by 2002 was firmly and passionately devoted to web site usability and user experience design and testing. The current that runs through my work is about creating a healthy, pleasant, unconditional experience. My role is to teach web site owners how to make user friendly websites that work for everyone, including special needs people. I’m an advocate for our human experiences as we use web sites.

In July 2014 I left a two year experience working in a corporate environment because I needed my own space to do the work I believe in, using methods I create and enjoy. My return to private consulting allowed me more time to pursue activities I put off while I was raising my two children (now young adults) and my career. I’m Certified in Reiki II and next year plan on entering a local school for Interfaith Ministry. My plan is to continue to my work on the Internet, while also nourishing my Soul with the other passions that drive my life choices.

My choice is always to create peace. There are millions of people who want the same thing. With this site, I hope to find them.

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