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About Cre8pc

supermoonI believe we are all born as loving beings.  Sadly, as we grow up,  our personal journeys teach us that love is conditional and we learn how to live in a world that limits us with rules, conditions, rituals and laws that help us forget who we are.


In the early 1990’s I bought a license plate for my car called “cre8pc”. It stands for “Create Peace”. When I started a consulting business, I named it after my license plate. I started out as a web designer, than taught and worked in the  search engine marketing industry, and by 2002 was firmly and passionately devoted to web site usability and user experience design and testing. The current that runs through my work is about creating a healthy, pleasant, unconditional experience online. My work focuses on teaching web site owners how to make user friendly websites that work for everyone, including special needs people. I’m an advocate for our human experiences as we build and interact with web sites.

What Does This Have to Do With Creating Peace?

From 1995 to 2014, my work, both as a employee for corporations and as a consultant, and especially as the founder and administrator for a global online community, has been about communication.  I started out as one of the pioneers when being online was new, free and exploratory. Today, there is every reason to be afraid of being online.  This is not what I thought would happen.

When the ability to talk to people across the planet was as easy as cranking up a 286 PC with a 9600 baud external modem connected to the house land line, all I could think of was “Wow!  What an amazing opportunity to meet people to share ideas with and learn from!”  I couldn’t wait to get online every day to find my new friends and meet new people.  Mentors were everywhere.  I eventually became one too.

I learned that being online meant learning how to talk to people, or rather, write well.  There is a way to write to others so that your meaning is understood and intent is clear.  Running a global forum, and moderating several chat groups and email lists, I found that I could teach people how to communicate better, no matter what country they were from.  The Americans did not understand British humor.  Australians were more direct and to the point.  Some people came to discussions with agendas.  Others were careful with their words.  Some people typed in all CAPS, and others did not articulate their ideas well.

The more people that got online, the more abusive the Internet became.  The more companies that established their web presences online, the more competitive the Internet became.  Today’s Internet is a hacker’s haven.  Nothing we say or do online is private.  We are all data. We are all being used.

We had a chance to create peace on the planet and threw it away.

A New Start

kimsmileI wanted to retire.  I often want to throw out all the computers in my life and live off the land.  I don’t even look like a techie person.  I look like a bohemian woman with a strong leaning towards Native American teachings, energy work, health food and natural remedies.  I am a Seeker, Thinker and Sensitive Empath.  Which, as it turns out, comes in handy when doing usability and user experience work on websites.  The point of the work is making websites connect on more than just the visual level.

Well, that is my quest anyway.  I can’t help but feel that the Internet can  be used to spread Light rather than Darkness.

My new company, Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC is the next part of my journey.   I’m Certified in Reiki II, have studied world religions and teachings my whole life, am most comfortable with Native American spirituality and Buddhism, and next year plan on entering a local school for Interfaith Ministry. My plan is to continue my work on the Internet, while also nourishing my Soul with the other passions that drive my life choices.

My choice is always to create peace. There are millions of people who want the same thing. With this site, I hope to find them.

Captain’s Log

July 2014. I wanted to retire and throw out all the computers in my life and live off the land. I quit working for a company that did not need me anymore. I stopped writing and miss it.

August 2014. I decided to start a new company and teach myself some things I had been wanting to learn, like Reiki healing and Responsive web design. I stopped writing and miss it.

September 2014. My friend Donna came up with the name of my new business. I made 3 new websites and got some new client work. I stopped writing and miss it.

October 2014. I fell in love with a horse. I stopped writing and miss it.

November 2014. I hate the websites I made and have no time to maintain them. I decided to go back to my first website, which is this one. And start writing again.

December 2014. The holidays came. Who the hell has time to write in a blog? I did it all inside my head and pretended you saw all the posts.

January 2015. Happy New Year. I made one post and am writing one more. We're on a roll. I am writing again and I've missed it.

February 2015 Happy Valentines Day. I swapped out the WordPress template, tossed in some super gigantic photos to slow you down and actually wrote some new posts.

March 2015 I think everybody forgot me. Still playing with the layout. Every other Tuesday I hate the slider. Is anybody here

April 2015 My son came home from Marines boot camp on April 4. The horse I loved was sold on April 12. My son leaves for 2 months of more training on April 14. Everything has a date.

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