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An old friend wrote on my Facebook page, when I said I selling this site, “You are a true internet pioneer.”  And then others wrote to me.  Real friends.  Encouraging friends.

But what really got to me was the unhappy smile from my daughter when she learned I wanted to sell this site.  You see, this web site was launched when I was facing being a homeless single mom of two young children.  This website saved my life, several times.  The up-all-night working hours, while my kids slept on K-mart cushions (I could not afford beds) moonlighting in SEO, while working to earn my spot for a real job that paid enough for us to survive…this is the site that made that dream come true.

This is the site that taught SEO in the 1990′s.  It taught how to get sites into search engines, when there was a big pile of them to play with.  This is the website that became a blog in 2002, helping me build a private consulting business in web site usability testing.  It paid for my kids clothes, prom dresses, their car insurance, their sports equipment and contributed to their college payments.

They saw me go from working for a crazy boss who did not believe that his only webmaster, who built, maintained and got his 13 websites into search engines, deserved to be paid $5.00 and when I asked for a raise, since I was earning below poverty level, I was laid off.

They watched me fight my way to real jobs, with famous companies.  At one of them, I had an incredible manager who believed in me and encouraged me to keep learning, growing and from that, I developed my own usability testing methodology to go with the SEO I knew backwards and forwards.  His influence was my bright star.  It led me to other mentors and then clients who loved my work.  I remember them all and am grateful to them to this day.

This site sustained me when I needed a place to write.  It kept me out there, in case someone needed affordable help.  I never charged what I was worth.  In fact, that became part of my brand.

Because for me, it was never about getting rich.

For me, my kids needed beds. I won’t sell this site.  It has a story to tell.  I haven’t figured out how to tell it yet.

Maybe I will have grand kids someday.

They will like these balloons.
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Kim Krause Berg’s long background in web design, SEO and usability includes software application functional and user interface testing, accessibility, information architecture and persuasive design. She shared her passion for Usability and SEO through her site and private consulting at Cre8pc for 17 years. Kim founded Cre8asiteforums in 1998. In the fall of 2012 she sold her forums to Internet Marketing Ninjas and retired from private consulting to join their Executive Management team where she continues her work in usability testing, customer experience and conversions design.

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