Remember me?  Me neither.  Somewhere in the flurry of becoming an employee rather than a consultant I went from being busy to being overwhelmed with work.

Cre8asiteforums LogoAs some of you know, I founded Cre8asiteforums and in October of 2012 it was sold to Internet Marketing Ninjas.  I came along with it, so part of my work is focused on growing the Cre8tive Community there.  Several months later and I can say all the changes and upgrades have been paying off.   A new team of technical people are assigned to handle the mechanics of the back-end, which involved moving to a dedicated server and ramping up security, as well as implementing new ways to handle spam bots.

The forums is focused on web development and this includes design, marketing and business development.  We’re experimenting with new ideas all the time and constantly getting feedback from the members regarding what they want.  It’s always been my way of doing things there.  I believe in the power and rights of the entire community to govern and direct where they want to go.  To see that in action, join the forums and you’ll see the member-only forums where members holler at challenge me to make the forums a place they love to come to.

My work is still focused on usability and persuasive design.  I conduct site audits and smaller reviews for all types of web sites.  We’re about to start promoting new services I developed which are designed to support the Internet Marketing strategies and services clients hire Internet Marketing Ninjas to do.  Unfortunately I get the fun job of breaking the news to clients that their web sites aren’t user friendly or designed for conversions.  The fun part, however, is designing mockups and assisting them in making all the changes that will make their web sites rock.

Coming Soon

Headshot of KimStay with me here.  I wrote an ebook on holistic SEO and Usability for increasing conversions that’s due to come out soon.  Cre8asiteforums turns 15 years old in August.  I’m launching a Google Hangout for Cre8asiteforums where among the pile of topics we have in mind, we will offering site reviews.   I am building a new personal web site, soon to launch.  It’s a joint project that my daughter and I are doing.

I’m speaking at PubCon Vegas in October.  And don’t forget my weekly blog posts for Internet Marketing Ninjas every Tuesday.  This was my latest one, Google Says Stand on One Leg. Enjoy!


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Kim Krause Berg’s long background in web design, SEO and usability includes software application functional and user interface testing, accessibility, information architecture and persuasive design. She shared her passion for Usability and SEO through her site and private consulting at Cre8pc for 17 years. Kim founded Cre8asiteforums in 1998. In the fall of 2012 she sold her forums to Internet Marketing Ninjas and retired from private consulting to join their Executive Management team where she continues her work in usability testing, customer experience and conversions design.

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