While thinking about recent news surrounding the latest algorithm changes Google made and pondering something Matt Cutts has been saying about search, a picture came to my mind of a Google person arriving at my house delivering search results all packaged up for just me. The only thing missing was a little card.

Delivery of boxes

Search Results Just for Me

Perhaps someday search will be so intimately tuned in to us that such a personalized delivery of information will be possible. Of course, to do this, we’ll give up our privacy even more. Or not. The way waves of change go, there is often a backlash. For many of us, the privacy intrusions have become unacceptable. We don’t want personal delivery from search engines because what if we change our minds? For years Google’s spokesperson to SEO’s, Matt Cutts, has been saying that search engines, especially the one he represents, are and have been focused “on the users”. I’ve been saying the same thing because this is the only logical reason I can come up with for why search engine marketing is so vital to websites. We all want the same thing. We want the object of our desire.

This is why so many of the practices done by SEO’s since the very beginning are ones I’ve never done. People don’t go to content farms, or links pages or article deposit sites for that thing they most want to find. They don’t care if your site is linked to by .edu sites or PR10 pages. Sure, this happens behind the scenes but search engines have learned, and Human Factors research has found, that we base our choices on criteria like credibility, brand reputation, easy to use web sites and excellent customer service. I’ve never seen a scraper site that offers those things.

Something else that I’ve always felt would be rewarded someday is unique, original content – and years of it. A site such as Aaron Wall’s SEOBook is one example of consistency over time. He and his writers have a proven record of articles and posts that out class most other sites like it. Sure he has his book and SEO tools but for me the decision to stick with his site is the dedication and work he puts into the content. Because of the quality and time online, his content is scraped, stolen, and wrecked by the laziest of people. When he interviewed me years ago, that interview showed up for weeks in various versions on hundreds of sites. I wondered then how he could stand to watch it. As a user of search engines, would you tolerate being delivered alternative versions of well written, authentic content by your favorite writers?

I wouldn’t.

News and Stuff

I’ll be going up to SES NY (Search Engine Strategies New York) next Tuesday to blog for Libeck Integrated Marketing, the company I joined in January. I won’t be speaking this time.

At some point this year and we expect into the future, I’ll be back to speaking at conferences on Usability, Information Architecture and SEO topics, and offering training too.

New tool I love! ReadItLater. When you see something you want to read but have no time, this nifty tool lets you grab it for later. I have it on all my browsers and computers so that all I have to do is log in from anywhere to read from my list.

I’ll be at the Philadelphia Philadelphia Twestival Local 2011 to raise money for MANNA – Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutritional Alliance on Thursday night, March 24.

I’ll be watching everybody drunk with courage at the Pirate Karoke at SES NY at Wicked Willy’s NYC on Wednesday, March 23.

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