“Tis the season to wear myself down to sheer exhaustion and still not get everything done that I have in my head I “need” to do. I’m slipping into the family-dimension of visits, gifts and wine. Of seeing family I only get to see once a year. Of naming a new puppy.

The ordeal of losing our puppy, Winnie, a few months ago messed up everyone in their own way. For me, I had bonded with her and had the most time with her before she died. A lot of talking, help and advice from friends and strangers, plus new training for our Golden Retriever helped. I could never explain to anyone why I wanted a puppy. We already have a dog, 3 cats, fish and a frog. And our house is not big at all. I’ll agree with anyone who says we’re nuts to get another pet. I did months of research and settled on looking for a female mix of Shitzu-Bichon. I wanted one with tan in its coat. We waited and waited. To make a long story short, in which there was a small army looking for such a puppy for us, she is now here. We got her on Sunday.

The naming process has been hilarious. My son’s girl friends began texting as soon as he sent out pictures from his cell phone. They came up with names, such as Lilly, Maggie and holiday names like Noel. She was almost called Chickasaw, because the Golden is named Dakota. The names Enya, Saki, Shasha, Sachi and Nevada (means snow) came up. Stefan suggested Kenya, playing off Enya. It’s been a tie for Lilly and Kenya, with me still searching Hawaiian and Japanese names.

Whatever we name her, she’s healed the family and lifted our spirits. Even the Golden is learning tolerance for having his tail chased after and paws nibbled. The cats have been a huge surprise and been accepting.

This year we had less money to spend on gifts and I was too busy to make the gazillion cookies and loaves of homemade breads I typically make. This Christmas, everyone wanted to just be together. We’ve all been working hard and our schedules so hectic.

Somewhere in this scattered gab is a wish for you all to find peace in your days. I love talking to you.

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