Sliding into Monday, but wishing it was Friday, here is a roundup of articles and news that caught my eye.

Nice writeup from Jim Hedger on SES Chicago 2008, written from the perspective of someone who was there every day, interviewing many people and making folks feel welcome.

If you want to see what I spoke on there, read Creating Momentum With Organic SEO and Persuasive Usability Heuristics.


Kalena Jordan announced that Search Engine College is now on Facebook and Twitter

Fellow usability fanatic, Dr. Pete, has joined SearchEnginePeople as a blog writer. His debut article is Search Analytics: Life After Ranking. He writes,

So, if rankings are becoming less reliable, what should we be measuring? In a word: results.

Women are better marketers, according to Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better…Including Marketing by Cynthia Fedor.


Jakob Nielsen has released a previously fee-based document on FLASH to readers at no charge. Usability of Rich Internet Applications and Web-Based Tools: Design Guidelines Based on User Testing of 46 Flash Tools in 2002

The report focuses on the user experience of these designs, not
their implementation: Most of the 117 usability guidelines and 21
accessibility guidelines are still valid for today’s applications, even if
they are done in AJAX, Silverlight, or a newer Flash version than the one
we tested.

21 Awesome WordPress Plugins That I Selfishly Kept to Myself Until Today from Andy Beal is a goldmine of freebies.

How to make money for free? Top 10 Ways to Monetize Your Blog for 2009 by BJ Cook offers great ideas.


I still don’t use Photoshop to its full range of potential. This website, Gurus Unleased has a blog and tutorials for anyone who designs graphics.

Affiliate marketing how-to help by Rae Hoffman is never something to pass up. She wrote Examples in Affiliate Branding today and it’s one of her best yet on the topic.

Karon Thackston is my favorite web site copywriter. She wrote, Combat Resistance Factors and Increase Conversions. For example,

Look for evidence of where the resistance factors lie then compile a list. Search your customer feedback files. Go through customer service complaint logs. Read online reviews of your products/services. Create online surveys. All of these can offer evidence that points to areas of resistance.

Colleen Jones inspires with Ten Recipes for Persuasive Content


Sidebar Placement: Do You Lean to the Right or the Left?, by Addicott Web, may help you decide which to choose.

I remain a flexible width gal. Bigger Screens More Or Less by Barry Welford asks, “What does the user want?”

That’s it for now. The clouds are putting me to sleep.

Chicago SES 08 - Creating Momentum With Organic SEO and Persuasive Usability Heuristics
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