Nearly every day I look at the keywords and phrases used to find this blog. Without fail, it’s an exercise in hilarity, and not just because the top referral continues to be “sex goddess”. That, in and of itself, is insane and entirely due to Michael Gray and his playful ranking help.

Some days I think someone is trying to send me secret messages.

For example, I’m convinced someone has issues with me because nearly every day the phrase “I love you I hate you” brings someone to this blog.

MSN should pay me for the daily referrals I send them for Ms. Dewey. Nobody uses her for search, do they?

And why don’t people just type in Ms Dewey and go to the search engine? Why read what I wrote about it in 2006? Sure, I was obsessed and all…

Sometimes I really, really don’t get how this blog comes up for certain phrases and I actually get traffic for the most absurd topics. Things like:

“women popping ballons naked” – If you found my blog with this, you’re scaring me. Just want you to know that.

“forum for forum owners” – I was happy to see I’m not the only looking for one.

“canceled flights from Chicago” – I get these search phrases several times a week. Anything I can do to help the travel industry and all. Not.

“why do women post nude photos on internet” – You’re asking me???

“you are such an inspiration” – Awww, shucks. Thanks!

“porn production” - Ok. I get the theme. I don’t get why you’re all coming here, however. I retired years ago.

tree usability” – New term?

“sexy hefty women” – Okay. Who’s spying on me?

“baseball pants” - Every day I get some baseball traffic because of this post. I sell a lot of usability reports this way. Not.

“how to get ms dewy to strip” – Please refer to my post about her stripping for my husband above.

“abandoned astronaut” – These words led to my blog twice. Guess they brought a friend.

“hot nerd women” , “sexy nerds” (or variations with the word “nerd” in it) – For the record, in high school, I was one of the cool kids.

I got to wondering that if someone wants to send me secret messages, all they have to do is look up words in my posts and combine them into sentences. Like “cre8pc you sexy nerd I love you” or “hi Kim its ms dewey I’m your lost gorgeous sister” or something silly that will catch my eye.

Or, you could just email me.

But heck. Where’s the fun in that?

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