Apparently I stirred one of the Moderators for Cre8asiteforums with my remarks the other day in Are We Designing For The Human Experience? I stated that I felt it was “wishful thinking” to believe that forums would last much longer. Considering I own one, I can see this raising an eyebrow.

My friend Adrian Lee, Cre8asiteforums Site Administrator and one of my longest known friends on the Internet, chewed on this and then came to the forums to pick our brains, in a discussion called The State Of The Social Web And Where Forums Fit In. He launches the thread with:

Forums used to be a bastion of online social communities. Not the first kind of community. You had newsgroups and others before Forums, in the form we see them now, became big. But for several years now, there have been lots of big forums, huge, diverse communites or people discussing various things in various manners. They’ve been one of the main forms of community on the web, especially since chat rooms began to decline in popularity.

Now that we have this new raft of social community, from the Diggs/Reddits/Teechmemes, to the Facebook/Myspaces/Bebos, are forums as we know them, under threat?

Kim’s been mentioning it a bit recently, wondering how they fit into the new scheme of things, and I see Rand saying he’s drifting more to blogs and social bookmarking sites from forums.

And actually, I can see what they mean.

One of our points is that sites like Sphinn, SearchEngineRoundtable and others not only direct their readers to some of our forums threads, but discussions can occur on those sites, outside the original thread. In the case of Sphinn, readers can vote on a topic, which in some cases, is not an article but one of our Cre8asiteforum threads.

Interesting thing. Is there something wrong with forums? Is talking about discussions outside the room with outsiders kind of like gossip? Is the ability to cross link and weave forum threads in and out of other web sites simply part of the social aspect of the Internet?

Forum participants in this thread are offering thoughtful ideas and it’s obvious a nerve was struck. Can blogs, forums and social network sites continue to share the Web or are forums being phased out?

Where do you feel the most comfortable being?

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