The year 2007 may likely be remembered as the Year of Education for the search engine marketing industry. Last year, when Cre8asiteforums donated our ad revenue to fund SEO/M education, we had a handful of establishments to select from. This year there is an abundance.

One of the newer ventures, Market Motive, showcases an elite team of faculty members that now includes the inclusion of Bryan Eisenberg and Alan Rimm-Kaufman. Bryan will handle Conversion Optimization and Alan covers Paid search / PPC. They round out a faculty of 6, all of whom are well known speakers, writers and top-level leaders.

Training opportunities now go far beyond conferences and seminars. In the past year, new programs have been developed by long-time practitioners and SEO company founders. Depending on your location, budget, level of experience, business need or professional goals, you now have a wide variety of options that may include podcasts and video, making skills enhancement entirely within reach and accessible.

With Market Motive, a fee of $299 per month will get you the following:

1. Fresh training videos on each area of Internet Marketing: SEO, PPC, analytics, online publicity, social media, site conversion optimization, marketing processes, down-and-dirty how-to’s and more
2. Monthly conference calls with each Market Motive Faculty (experience site clinics, and discuss strategies specific to your business)
3. Recordings of monthly conference calls (Your questions are answered even if you cannot attend)
4. Discussion areas where members, staff and faculty answer your specific questions

Based in Scotts Valley, California, and founded by John Marshall, Avinash Kaushik and Michael Stebbins in August of 2007, Market Motive strives to combine teaching with consulting to its membership. Their goal is to recruit the “top minds” from the industry who will focus on the needs of mid to large sized companies.

Considering it would cost their monthly fee to hire just one of these esteemed professionals for an hour privately, the ongoing relationship with an entire faculty all your own is worth consideration. They’ll come to you, saving on your travel expenses and the loss of productivity that arises whenever your company must send someone out to a conference or for off-site training.

Review Market Motive press release.

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