Every time I think I’ve seen the world’s most idiotic attempt at spam, there is someone else who wanders into my world with something new that blows the previous brainless acts out of the water.

Such is the case of this line from a blog comment spam post making the rounds in the blogs of a few of my friends:

I know a lot of spammers and I will ask them not to post on your site.

Is he kidding? Not only will he personally go out and beat up your enemies, but to seal the deal, you have to promise to link to his site on your homepage, because as he so sweetly admits,

Its just done for higher rankings in search engines.

(Note. I’ve retyped my response to this five times and none of it is printable. So, I’ll just move on.)

The second unpleasant experience of late is the discovery of a “cre8asite” website that is nothing more than a spammy GoogleAdSense nightmare thrown into a blog. Cre8asite has a blog. It has belonged to Cre8asiteforums for years. It’s called Cre8tive Flow.

Our blog has no ads because our authors voted against it. Any ads that would be added would only give us more money to donate to educational endeavors. That’s our thing. It separates us from that other guy.

Whenever I want to see entertaining dumb stuff, I need only go as far as MyBlogLog stats. This is where I see humanity in all its glory.

Lately, they’ve searched for “blog goddess sex”. Why in the world they ended up at MY blog is a real mystery. How do blogs have sex? What is the goddess technique? Is it something I can learn? How soon?

A search for “Demi Moore” found my blog. I don’t look like her, but thank you anyway.

I get a ton of traffic from people looking up “MsDewey”, especially if you put the word “strip” with the search phrase. Someone actually searched on “how to strip MsDewey”.

HELLO! If she actually stripped in the MsDewey search engine, do you honestly think Google would still be the number one search engine?

Someone found my blog by asking Google, “What dimension are we?”

I’d like to know the answer to that one myself.

Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m in the right one.

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