Five years ago, on August 22, 2002, a date that only Bill remembers because I keep forgetting…a bunch of us who met online launched Cre8asiteforums. It was the next stage of my old Cre8pc Website Promotion Club in Yahoo!, which I’d started in 1998 while I was still an SEO.

Bill Slawski, one of my co-Admins, and myself, are in San Jose for the Search Engine Strategies Conference this week. Forums Moderator and good friend, Barry Schwartz did us a favor and made the announcement at the forums, since we were running around so much and had no time to get the word out. (We actually discussed it while being interviewed by SearchMarketingStandard’s Joe Whyte, who suggested we run to Kinko’s and get a big banner for the conference about our news…)

I even got a birthday hug from Webmasterworld’s Brett Tabke, whose forums was and remains in the number one spot, no matter what we do…(Just kidding, Brett!)

On behalf of Bill, myself and Ammon Johns, my other co-Admin, as well as the amazing, dedicated, incredible moderating staff, I’d like to extend our huge thanks to the entire Cre8asiteforums community and those who have supported and cheered us on for five years.

We’re honored to share this day with you all.

Party – Cre8asiteforums Turns FIVE Years Old

In other news, all is well. I arrived in San Jose, have a story to tell you about my “Savior”, Nate, who has met just about everybody you could meet because of his kindness towards me after my hellish adventure just getting to San Jose, and Bill and I have lots of stories to share at the forums. Today, he, Liana Evans and myself are returning to Google for a private visit…hope to be able to share some of that later.

To Google, thank you. You really know how to throw a party! The Google Dance last night was just amazing.


Happy Birthday Cre8asite Forums!

Posted by Liana Evans while at Google. Myself, Bill and Li are guests of Avanish Kaushik today.

We’re celebrating at Google!!

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