Related to my off-beat, what is WRONG with this woman post the other day, called There’s Something More To Blogging, Michael Motherwell takes one of my grunt themes to a different angle. He asks, Is The Web “Dumbing” Everything Down?

I’ve concluded that the answer is YES, because there is more opportunity for mass exposure due to the Internet. Thus, anyone can participate, even if they’re unskilled or uneducated. Opinion outweighs accuracy. And deep down inside, I just can’t help but think we’re not applying it thoughtfully. We’ve only touched the surface. There’s something more, yet to be discovered and developed. Just my gut feeling…

The X Change Web Analytics Conference has added more speakers and covers a wide range of topics including persuasion architecture, search analytics and attitudinal research in web analytics. Held in September, in California’s Napa wine country, this one looks like a tremendously valuable event.

It’s a relief to hear from Kalena Jordan, who needed time off for a mysterious medical emergency. She’s described her scare in The 3 most beautiful words in the English language. Kal, if you’re reading this, I tearfully read your story and rejoice in your good news. Welcome back.

Slick new design for the SearchEngineWatch properties. Yes, people always grump but I like it when the pillows are fluffed up. You get to start over and fall in love with the experience all over again.

Congratulations to Mike Grehan on his appointment as Chair Search Engine Strategies (SES) London 2008 Conference & Expo. The man with the shoehorn has certainly earned the position. (I just know that didn’t come out right.)

I am not a good heroine. Not like Hermione Granger, Feminist Role Model. I am weak. At least I was last Saturday. Finally, my pre-ordered Harry Potter book arrived and I did something I very rarely do. I read the last pages first.

I just HAD to know.

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