There’s a handy little application in the Sphinn calendar that allows you to get the word out that you’re attending a conference. It reminds me of a bulletin board, except all you can do is signal you’re attending. Even cooler would be a way to add notes such as “Wanna share a room?” or reminders for things like meetings or special luncheons.

To play with it, simply click the Calendar tab in the top navigation. It will respond by turning green and presenting the calendar page.

The page lists clickable events with title, description and dates. To see who has signed up to go, click on the event’s linked name. For July, Blogher is coming up. I tried that one.

When you arrive at the event, you’ll see information on the event and an “Attendees” sub-heading. Underneath will be the names of people who have activated the “Attend this event” link. The application keeps track of who and how many. There is also a link to the event’s website.

Don’t worry if you click on “Attend this event” and change your mind later. It allows you to “Unattend this event” as well.

The application links to other months via text link or drop down menu. I thought there was a bug first, when I saw missing months, but determined this is on purpose. If there are no events, the month is not displayed. You can enter events, but they must be approved before appearing.

In all, it’s a clever device nestled perfectly within a community famous for their love of conferences, travel and networking with friends and peers.

Posting bar hours, food menus and party information would make it perfect.

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