One of the perks of my exposure to readers in the user centered design and search engine marketing industries is that I’ll receive emails from people who feel they have something I may want to see. It could be a book to review, a new website, new Internet application or new service.

While I don’t get around to writing or linking out to all of them, I try to hang on to some items that you may not have seen or heard about yet. Such as:

Wild Apricot – Membership and Events Management services and software. As more and more people are gathering together in smaller groups and networking locally in their industries, this could come in handy. The professionally delivered blog entry written by Soha El-Borno and warm email from her helped bring this site to my attention. Nicely executed.

The Information Architecture Institute – This site is loaded with information, resources, tools, news and much more.

Virtual project management requires software. Anything that helps with organizing, communication and management is worth exploring to see if there’s a good fit. Meet the new It’s free. “Protonotes is also a great tool for recording your findings in usability tests and heuristic reviews.” (Thanks the tip Mike!)

Anne Day introduced me to It connects bloggers and readers who share similiar interests. It’s another way of driving traffic to your blog. Ann tells me, “Instead of your blog being pigeon-holed into one category in a traditional blog directory, BlogStrings has profiles and searches with multiple fields to allow for multiple interests.”

These are the sites that survived my DELETE button. Most of the time I hear from people who just want a link for the sake of getting a link. The other day I was harrassed by someone who threatened to remove their sacred link to my site because I hadn’t linked back to their totally unrelated to my topic website.

How dare I refuse to link back?

I’m such a radical.

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