There’s a bit of news to report, so I’ll dig in. Firstly, one of my most cherished friends, Bill Slawski, has accepted a position with Commerce 360, a company not too far from where I live. He is able to continue his role as my co-Administrator at Cre8asiteforums and keep his own SEObytheSea alive and kicking. He joins Liana Evans, Greg Meyers and Matt LeVeque, to make a powerful search team for Commerce 360. Best wishes Bill on your new journey. (Cre8asiteforums discussion: Congratulations Bill!)

I’ve remained silent on his news for weeks and have been resisting the urge (so far) to consider working for someone else myself. Bill’s new job was all the talk at our Philly SEO SEM gathering not long ago. Admittedly, the idea of working with a team again has been on my mind for a long time, but not in SEO/M. If a company is looking at usability and SEO, (how progressive thinking is that!), there aren’t that many SEO turned usability folks out there to choose from. A few companies are starting to look for us and dangle the carrot of opportunities with them.

Happenings Elsewhere

I used to bump into Ralph Tegtmeier, aka”Fantomaster”, in usenet discussions a hundred years back (or so it feels like now.) He was one of the hard core early SEO’s out there helping people understand search engines and volunteering hours and hours of his time to anyone who asked questions. Famous for software development and what I call, “black hat techniques with class”, he’s bringing back his blog and launching new sites. (Thanks for the tip: Peter and John)

Congratulations to Barry and Yisha on surviving year one of marriage. May you have a lifetime journey filled with the love and devotion you now share.

Welcome home Rand Fishkin and David Temple and many other lucky folks from the search marketing industry who experienced Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo 2007, Xiamen, China. Rand has been writing as much as he can while there about his visit and I’m sure he has a lot more to share once he settles back in Seattle. David may want to sleep for a few months, since he was Chairman of the China Search Marketing Tour. As for Chris Sherman, who handled programming for this, and many other huge conferences, I’ve concluded that Chris is an SEO Zenmaster. Gord Hotchkiss has been blogging about China SES consistently too, with stories galore (thanks Gord!).

Birthdays are cool. From the sound of it, Rae’s friends showed her a great time for her 30th birthday on the 28th. I celebrated my 49th at the beach over the weekend with just hubby and me and can totally swear that life is better, in all ways, than it was when I was 21, 30 and 40. Maybe I’m a new breed of female or something, but I have to say that I feel more alive now…like all the wiring has finally been turned on. Thank you to Cre8asiteforum members who began a Happy Birthday thread (members only access) at the forums. I loved celebrating with my “family” there.

Change is good and this year begins my own personal cycle for a change in my Journey. I experienced life path altering changes in 1968, 1978, 1988 and 1998. Each of them is remarkable because they required risk, courage and not having any idea in advance what the outcome would be. As I head for 2008, I can already feel the next Big One coming.

I’m getting pretty darned curious about it too.

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