I’m big on volunteering my time to organizations and if I can’t actually be there in body and soul, I can be there in other ways. A meme going around by search marketers is a bit of a linking way of lending a hand. The idea originated at SEORefugee. I was tagged by Andrey Milyan.

The idea is present the links of the one who tagged you, and add your own (and you can add those of others you see in the list at SEO Refugee if you wish, or get ideas there.)

Here are some places I’d like to give a shout out to:

A Million Thanks – Shauna Fleming rounds up letters of thanks for Troops
One – Fighting Aids and Poverty
Louis Braille School – My personal tribute to Elizabeth Able on her and her mother’s devotion to the blind.
A Woman’s Place – Protecting women from domestic violence in Bucks County, Pa
Bpeace – Business Council for Peace helps women in areas of the world in conflict and post-conflict to rebuild communities and strengthen families.

Andrey chose the following non-profits to promote:

Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders – Humanitarian Relief
American Red Cross – Emergency Preparedness
AMREF – African Medical & Research Foundation – African Health Development
DOROT – Programs for Elderly
Feed the Children – Protect Children

Get inspired here if you wish.

I prefer to tag all the generous moderators and members of Cre8asiteforums because many of them are strong advocates for non-profits. And,
Sophie Wegat
Jennifer Laycock
Lisa Barone
Bill Slawski
David Temple

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