As if the list of judges isn’t dazzling enough, the prize offerings for this second contest in the Search Marketing industry is downright breathtaking. Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim site is once again sponsoring the popular Search Engine Marketing Scholarhship contest, and this one has learned some lessons from the first one.

For starters, the prize contributions have been doubled.

There are more judges, from various aspects in the SEM industry, including a peep from yours truly, from the usability chorus line.

Andy describes the fresh changes:

We listened to your feedback from last year and we’ve made the contest more streamlined, while tapping deeper into your search marketing skills. So, a few changes…

  1. We’re giving you a little more time to get your entry in, the deadline is April 6th.
  2. There will be ONLY ONE ROUND OF ENTRIES. Unlike last year – with four weekly deadlines – there will be just one chance to submit your article.
  3. The biggest suggestion from last year was that one week to build traffic to an article, really didn’t demonstrate the true abilities of a search marketer. This time around, you’ll have a full 4 weeks to spread the word, drive traffic, build links, etc.
  4. We’ll have five finalists this year, instead of four.

This is not your ordinary contest. The vehicle is writing. Entrants must compose a 400 – 1000 word article on any aspect related to search engine marketing or optimzation. This can includes PPC, social media, marketing tips or tricks and more. In the first contest, some people wrote about opinions and attitudes in the industry and humor pieces. Some chose a niche, pin-pointed an angle, researched it and presented a thoughtful, informative article.

That’s the easy part.

Next, they must raise awareness on their submission. They must walk the talk by promoting it and applying their expertise in SEO/M full-tilt to gain popularity, links, traffic, awareness, and most importantly, impress the judges. On May 15, five of the most popular will be announced and be presented to the panel of judges. Their decision on the winner will be announced on May 21.

For those who don’t wish to enter, simply reading the entries is fun. You may meet new people or read entries by familiar names. This page will take you to more information and a feed link to stay on top of progress.

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