I knew this would happen and I did it anyway. I wrote a blog post yesterday on a specific topic and ruined the piece by adding an additional section at the bottom linked out to other blogs. Because I did that, one reader found it impossible to link to my post.

The funny thing is, I knew that would happen. I knew I would irritate somebody. I’ve used this format before, where I write in “article-speak”, and like a true Gemini, I’ll veer off on another tangent. This is how I am in real life, and my blog reflects that.

I see my blog posts re-posted and re-published all over the place on the Internet. Some have written permission and do the deed with class, like Webpronews. They’re funny too. When they don’t like my blog post titles, they make up their own. It’s still my blog post, but they make it fit their readers. I’m cool with that. Nowadays, it’s a little game for me, to see what they change next. (They didn’t like my belly button title the other day.)

Other blogs just rip me off. They want the content. It’s a shame how many of them don’t link back, but then again, after seeing where my blog post is sitting, I don’t want that inbound link anyway.

There’s an interesting thread at Cre8asiteforums about articles being just spam-fodder. I got the feeling the thread starter sees articles as evil and of no use to us because they are usually not original and often simply re-hashed junk used for search engine purposes.

No matter how often I write in my blog, I never fail to wonder if anyone likes it. I mean, I know some folks do and sometimes I’ll see it mentioned as a favorite by someone I don’t know and I feel very good about that. Like I wish I could give them a hug or something. Most of the time, I wonder who I’m ticking off, because if you take the time to visit here, I want you to enjoy the moment.

Sometimes someone will link to this blog with a comment about how they feel about it. That’s always interesting. However, sometimes what someone says just totally cracks me up because I can’t tell if it’s a compliment or not. For example, Michael Motherwell chooses his favorite blogs in The Only Blogs I Always Read and writes about this one by saying:

“Kim exposes me to stuff I like to know, but don’t otherwise have the need to learn.”

This sounds a lot like something my kids say to me too.

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