On top of everything else going on this week, I have to compete with a well-known search engine marketer in an industry I technically don’t even do any SEO work for anymore. I cover the search engine marketing industry and I run a forums for it. I drink girlie drinks with its top experts and gurus at their search engine marketing conferences.

I used to teach SEO online with my old Cre8pc Website Promotion website and Yahoo! club, but you have to be old to remember those days, or at least over 25. I know “the life” so well I work for SEO/M’s providing the usability side of their campaigns, and they know I won’t do anything that conflicts with their strategies.

I wear a Wonder Woman headband at Cre8asiteforums. That scary fact alone qualifies me for the “What’s with that chick?” award.

I raise funds for search engine industry education and drive the Cre8asiteforums moderators nuts with my stubborn resolve on that.

I write for Search Engine Roundtable.

I eat granola.

Does that count?

I know that Jill Whalen deserves the title more than I do. Does the runner up get a cute prince anyway? I’d be cool with that.

Other Fun

David Temple has written Who said what and who tagged who in that meme?. Remember the who tagged who thing? He tested folks on it and the winner, my friend Abhilash Patel, won “a sponsorhip on the China Search Marketing Tour”.

My friends win stuff.

Hot SEO Events

Even though David had declared Jill the winner already, I will still attend a small gathering of SEO’s in the Delaware Valley area of the States tomorrow night, hosted by Liana Evans of Search Marketing Gurus.

Book your flight for Australia! They’re hosting Search Summit – The Australian Search Marketing Conference, running March 1st and 2nd, 2007. Says Michael Motherwell, from his private jet, specifically to moi because I am a search engine industry reporter godmother (Gentle reminder. There IS a poll going on.)

“Search Summit aims to provide a comprehensive course for all attendees, irrespective of knowledge levels, and provide the sort of learnign experience that, whilst common in the USA and UK, has been lacking in Australia.”

In Real Life I’m a Mom

For those who are not new to this blog and who’ve met me before one of my posts was dugg 1747 times, you know I have a son who is Mr. Sports Guy. He signed up for another year of baseball last Saturday. He’s now with the Juniors at age 13. He relayed this conversation to me today that happened when his Dad took him to register for the next season.

Stefan tells it this way.

“Yo Mom. (I stop everything, on command.)

There was this, like, Junior Coach I didn’t know and he walks up to me, eyeing me up and down and he says, (Stefan lowers his voice to that of a scary adult male), ‘You pitch?’

(I smile. Nice imitation by the kid.)

And like the whole room gets dead quiet! Nobody says anything and finally some guy says, “Yep. He pitches alright.” And all the men nod and laugh at the Junior coach for being so stupid for not knowing.

So I walk away a little bit and the Junior coach comes up and says, ‘How fast?’ The whole room gets quiet again. I’m looking at Dad and he’s smiling. They’re all just staring at the Junior coach like he’s an idiot. I tell him I pitch about 65-70mph. All the other coaches start nodding and chuckling. I don’t know what to do, so I just keep looking at Dad.

Then the Junior coach says, ‘I’ll be timing you.’ And the whole room nodded and laughed again. It was really wierd.”

It takes so few words to make a room filled with testosterone make all the sense in the world.

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