Everybody has their take on being “Slashdotted” or experiencing the “Digg Effect”. Most website owners would give their right pinky for the kind of traffic that grinds servers to a dead halt. If the end result of all that attention gets you what you want, all is well. Question is, is everyone getting what they really, really want?

Matt Bailey, search marketing analyst, usability and accessibility guy and expert on a bulldozer (long story), thought to crunch some numbers, including mine after this weekend’s events here to have a look underneath the social media hood.

He starts the discussion of his findings in Social Media – Under the Microscope

Social Media provides a “sugar-high” approach to building links, much less an online business. It provides a lot of traffic, very fast. However the vast majority of that traffic is not engaged, rarely stays for more than a few seconds and can sometimes be rude. If page views are the goal for a site, social media will provide a lot of one-off page views, but rarely more than that. Comparatively, good external links provide traffic that will view multiple pages – typically many more than social media traffic.

His data confirmed my experience.

Despite the higher rates of conversion and engagement by visitors who are referred by external site links, social media site links consistently yielded the lowest rates of engagement and no conversions.”

He hopes to gather more data. There’s much to explore. If you are a website marketer, what can you promise your clients that will pay off for them in the long run?

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