One of the new things we launched last year at Cre8asiteforums was the idea that in addition to free website reviews from the public in our Website Hospital, we would also offer free software testing for Internet applications in BETA or after launch.

The debut test application is called Ask3, a little survey application that sits inside a web page. It packs a wallop of a back-end, despite its innocent front-end. Designed to ask three questions, no more, at a time, in a rotating, random basis, this survey gathers data that is later analyzed, cross tabbed, and run through the measurements dishwasher in ways you never dreamed possible.

It’s targeted to folks like Ebay store owners, for example, who deal with a lot of people and who want to get deeper into their customers’ experience.

Ask3′s backend is based on an existing motherload of an application developed for a telecommunications company for collecting call center data. It’s developers are customer satisfaction survey experts.

To enable a robust device for anyone to use, the folks at sought to create something that website owners could simply cut and paste into web pages in a few seconds. Not only that, they wanted it to be something that blended into the page, rather than stood out or was terribly distracting.

They wanted a way to ask questions during the conversation on the page, for those who wanted something like this. This is a little different than an afterthought survey or poll.

Those who tested it had a lot of feedback and suggestions for improvements, which is just what the programmers of this small company wanted to receive. They’ve spent the past few months applying that feedback.

Now they are back. This time they want to offer free accounts for beta testers, as well as general feedback. If you like to test new applications, and like to QA applications for a hobby or as a passion, or you do it for a living and just want to lend a hand, JustAskThem has asked for help again in beta testers for ASK3.

Everything is desired. Accessibility feedback, user interface, functional testing, understandability…you name it. By helping members with their projects at Cre8asiteforums, others have the chance to learn from you.

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Kim Krause Berg’s long background in web design, SEO and usability includes software application functional and user interface testing, accessibility, information architecture and persuasive design. She shared her passion for Usability and SEO through her site and private consulting at Cre8pc for 17 years. Kim founded Cre8asiteforums in 1998. In the fall of 2012 she sold her forums to Internet Marketing Ninjas and retired from private consulting to join their Executive Management team where she continues her work in usability testing, customer experience and conversions design.

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