Note to iEntry WebProNews…you can ignore this one. Heh.

I have some thanking to do. I’m late because of emergency oral surgery last Thursday that I didn’t expect. Nor did I expect the outrage that followed. As I came to learn, folks with auto immune diseases get to deal with all sorts of wierd things.

In my case, my thyroid called it quits and now, apparently, arthritis has nabbed my knees and lower back. I had no idea that arthritis is related to auto immune problems, but a talk with a relative who studies genetics put me on that trail, where I learned more about it.

Auto immune diseases are not rare. There are many kinds of them. It’s thought I deal with Hashimoto’s. In any case, when I have invasive surgery done, my body reacts by rushing in with an army that kills the bad guys and the good guys. No amount of percocet, or short or long-acting novocaine brought me pain relief. Finally, after another emergency run to the specialist for help, I learned that he has another patient like me who doesn’t respond to pain medication. I needed steroids to put me out of my misery.

So, it was no-worky for Kimmy for a few days while I dealt with it all. It’s nice to be able to Google for help when you have a medical issue and want answers. This is how I learned that of those who suffer from auto immune problems, 75% of them are women.

Why is that?

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They Said What?

Flying in quietly to a smooth second-place win, Cre8asiteforums lost to Digitalpoint Forums by a mere horse tail.

Every Wednesday, Liana Evans writes an entry that features two women in technology in her blog. I read every one of them. Last week, while in the throes of unrelenting tooth pain, I read about this from the very popular Dazzlin’ Donna:

There are leaders in different areas, and there are people who lead in different ways, but Kim Krause Berg stands out for me. She leads in a more understated fashion than some, but she would be the one I believe could most effectively lead a team of newbies to success. And for me, that constitutes a better leader than one who might be a leader in the conference circuit, for example.

I was stunned. Drop dead, well, already in bed, but you get the picture, stunned. Donna, I wouldn’t know where to begin to thank you for that.

Reading further into Liana’s interview, I rejoiced in seeing Rand Fishkin’s mother, Gillian Muessig featured. I’ve long admired her because I somehow picked up on the integrity, strength, loving support from within ranks kind of company SEOMoz is. I attributed that to her influence and how she must somehow relate to other family members in the business, as well as their professional contacts. When she listed me as one of her favorite bloggers, I smiled so much I think she cured my tooth.

He’s Back!

For every fallen SEO company, there is a rebirth. Welcome back Mike Grehan. I could swear you insisted you were going to get some REST!

I’ve Come to Have an Argument

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Sexy Girl or Geek Toy

I realize that the sexy girl thing works, but that’s only because nobody put up pics of some smoldering guys to look at.

I fully expect them to come WITHÂ the geek toy.

See? Women aren’t so stupid.

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