Okay, okay, already. I get the A-list, B-list, and now Z-list meme stuff. (What the heck is a “meme”? Where did that word suddenly come from?) Why do link games remind me so much of “Spin The Bottle”?

The latest thing to know about is Revenge of the ‘Z-Lister’ by Mack Collier. His intent is to help promote possibly undiscovered blog gems and introduce them. Very nice. There are millions of blogs. Sifting through them to find gold and diamonds is time consuming.

So, he suggests that he make a little list of his choices. Then, you come along with your blog, copy his list to your blog and add your own choices. Then, you open it up to others, who will copy your list, add their favorite blogs and so on and so forth.

Sooner or later the bottle may point to your blog.

Seth Godin took the idea and made a ZList out of his list. In the past few days I’ve watched my blog do the Cha Cha up and down that list, get points, lose points and otherwise depress me or get me excited, depending on how you vote.

There’s lists and copied lists and lists about lists all over the place.

Is anyone reading these lists?

Seth’s (at this moment) has 415 links. I’m curious to know how many people scroll down lists, click on every blog, or the ones that look interesting. People must have a hell of a lot of extra time on their hands to do this.

I’m happy as heck to link to you, but I’m not comfortable throwing up a lot of links just for the sake of “linking” or “link bait” or creating meme’s or whatever the next thing is called. I have a Suggested Sites page of blogs I like or recommend.

I love to find you and write about you. Like the Stone Temple blog, who showed up on my MyBlogLog stats and I followed the popcorn trail to his site.

I kinda like just walking around and picking out my own stuff.

Gosh, I’m stubborn, aren’t I?

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