I have some tidbits of news to share, that my friends would like for me to squish in before I pass out for the holidays, so here are some things I’m shoving into your Christmas stocking, or whatever you wish to use to gather the gifts you deserve.

The fun crew at Gray Hat News created SEO Trumps. I went over and played with it yesterday but kept fussing about my card and Miss Perfectionist-ed myself out of the game. Just go there and see it for yourself.

Odeo news for iPod users includes:

Get More Productive in 2007

Merlin Mann of 43Folders recently wrapped up a great series of talks with productivity guru, David Allen and GQ magazine is offering useful tips, such as how to buy lingerie and dress better. Get things done and look good doing them, I like it.

David Allen: http://odeo.com/channel/34348/view
GQ Magazine: http://odeo.com/audio/3755513/view

I figured the part about buying lingerie would be of interest. Heh.

And, if you think I’m a Web 2.0-hater, you would be wrong. I’m all for anything that makes it easy.

You Be the Editor

We just launched a new feature that I’m excited about, which lets you create your own podcast without recording anything. You just select shows you find on Odeo. Mine is called Business Geeks, and features interviews with entrepreneurs. Look for the “Add to Channel” link on any audio page and start making your own list.

Business Geeks: http://odeo.com/channel/194633/view

My good friends at digital-telepathy Inc. have a cool Best of 2006 – The Year the Web Turned 2.0. They write,

“This isn’t your typical “trends in 2006″, “best website of 2006″; these are categories that shook the web this year and are changing the way users interact with businesses and their products. The following categories will guide you to the appropriate areas you want to see: (Usability is important right?)”

I love this company. Their list is not your ordinary list. It’s a fun and interesting read, so hurry up and go there.

Have you noticed that there are more women writing for the Men of SEO blog? Now that SEOFangirl’s identity was revealed, she needed to add more mysterious women to her team. It looks like they’re prowling around scoping out the dudes too. Reference What We Learned About Our SEO Boys From Blog Tag. My favorite is the guy who eats snowflakes.

Secret public message to Lisa. It will all make sense someday.

Secret public message to Andy… I did the thing you asked me to do. So save me a spot on the beach.

Secret public message to Chris…I’m liking the burst of posts!

Secret public message to Bill. You’re not the only one obsessed with patents.

I’m Not Whole Without You

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, A Cheery Kwanzaa and Joyful Festivus to you all.

When you share yourselves with me, I thrive and learn. I become a better person because of what you teach me.

Thank you.

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