Finally, it stopped being a boy’s club game and by way of Lisa, I was tagged for a bit of Blog Tag. If you want to learn more, here’s a helpful Blog Tag Tree. I am from the GrayWolf clan.

I’ve lived long enough to have had several lives. Many of them were burned through during my roaring 20′s, just to get a lot of life lessons outta the way. But what you didn’t know…

1. In High School was voted for “Most Radical Female” and “The Freakiest Female”. That was in the days where my favorite thing to say was “Far out, man”. I was on the staff of and later Editor of my high school newspaper from the 8th – 12th grades. I had one secret dream, and that was to be a great news reporter.

2. I was born a free spirit, which scared the hell out of everybody because when I got on a mission, there was no stopping me. I got into all kinds of situations, but that was the point. I wanted to know about and experience everything. From 1976 to 1990 I moved 19 times, with the bulk of the wildest days from 1978 to 1985 when I moved 11 times. (I once wrote down how many people I’ve lived with but lost that paper. It was a lot.) I saw a slew of cool rock bands like Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton and Yes, and I was a Grateful Dead gauze skirted whirling dervish with jingling ankle bracelets.

3. I’m deeply spiritual, which is different than being religious. I couldn’t pick just one religion. My mom says when I was 4 years old, I decided I didn’t like her church, where she taught Sunday school, so I got on a bus all by myself to go to my neighbor’s church instead, to see what hers was like. At age 13 I began studying comparative religions in school and in the years since have joined, studied, left, returned to countless teachings. Ancient global teachings and ancient history are my favorite non-Internet subjects.

4. Despite being extremely poor and living that free spirit lifestyle, I managed to put myself through two years of college majoring in Journalism and I studied film making. I acted in and made my own. In one student film, I was killed by the Pillsbury Dough-boy. I was accepted into Temple Univ. in Philadelphia but the USA cut student aid support and I never got to finish college. I was the Editor and Assistant Editor of my college newspaper, worked on campus 30 hours a week to pay my way (while carrying a full-time course load), and drove a beat up Ford Gran Torino from the haunted farm house I lived in to school everyday. (Yes, I lived with ghosts.)

5. I always seemed to have a boyfriend and was engaged three times, but each time it was broken off for one stupid reason or another. I have a bunch of marriage proposals written in my High School yearbook from customers at the greasy spoon food joint I used to work for. I married just after my 19th birthday to my first husband. We barely survived a year before splitting up and then he was killed in a car crash. Married to my children’s father at age 30, split up 10 years later but I co-parent with him and get along great with his fiance and her daughter. I remarried 2 years ago to Eric, who has put up with me for nearly 17 years. I am step-mom to his son.

Okay, 6. Most people would never know I worked for several years for oil company lobbyists, as well as several Republican lobbying firms, plus the PA Dept. of Treasury. Two of my old bosses landed in jail for fraud and one shot himself in the head. I have since changed political parties and can personally vouch for how young women are treated by some married politicians. My all-time favorite moment was being asked to do the naughty with a candidate running for office while driving around putting up election signs in farmer’s fields and stuff. I said no. He lost that election, by the way. Heh.

I would like to tag the following to add to the Wolf Clan line. Sophie Wegat, Barry Welford, Darren Moloney (Daz), Tamar and Chris and Dazzlin’ Donna Fontenot.

PS – I asked my 13 year old son, “What is something that you can think of that nobody knows about me” and he replied, “This is a trick question, right?”

I asked my husband, Eric, the same question and he said, “That you have ugly feet.”

Like you needed to know this.

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