It’s that time of the year again where two things happen. Predictions and Best of the Year contests. I predict that this blog won’t win any awards, so I decided to start a new contest that’s open to all the other not-famous bloggers. So, let’s begin with some not famous categories, shall we?

Best New Blog for 2006 (Must not have ever won anything in your whole life, ever, to qualify.)

Best Blog by a Female Blogger That Nobody Has Ever Seen Before (We can’t have ever met you, heard of you, or had any clue that you existed until just now.)

Best Blog by a Male Blogger That Nodbody Has Ever Seen Before (We can’t have ever met you, heard of you, or had any clue that you existed until just now.)

Best Scrapper Site (So we can give our lawyers something to do.)

Best Otherwise a Total Rip-off Blog (Ditto on the above.)

Funniest Breakout Star Blog by Someone Under Age 25

Funniest Breakout Star Blog by Someone Under Age 35

Funniest Breakout Star Blog by Someone Under Age 45

Funniest Blog by Not Telling My Age (I understand your concern, trust me.)

Best Bait Blog

Best Bait (Because one doesn’t need a blog to bait.)

Favorite Blog Author Who Writes for Somebody Else’s Blog and Should Seriously Start Their Own Blog, Blog

Best Blog Owned by A Web Development Forum

Best Blog By a Non-Human With Big White Gloves Whose Name is Roy

Best I-Didn’t-Write-An-SEO-Book Blog

Best Non-Accessible, Not Usable Blog

Best Cartoon or Someone Who Looks Like One Blog

Best New Blog That Suddenly Showed Up On My Radar Last Week (and so I go there and discover they’ve been posting since September. Who knew?)

Look. The way I see it is that we all know who will win this contest. The winners deserve the recognition for their hard work and I’m a gushing groupie to most all of them.

It’s just that there’s so many OTHER very cool blogs out there – some with brand new voices and faces that are well worth getting to know better. I thought it would be considerate of us to nominate them and create categories they have a shot of winning.

Please use the comments to add a new category that either you could win or to present a blog you wish to pay tribute to.

To all of you non-winning bloggers, I enjoy you and appreciate your energy, ideas, creativity, comedy, opinions, beauty and willingness to be a blogger.

It’s an honor to not win anything with you.

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