A few days ago my Winter issue of the Search Marketing Standard arrived in the mail. So did my usability magazine, a web design magazine and Newsweek. My mailbox so totally gives me away.

This issue is juicy. The articles aren’t basic search engine marketing or basic search engine material. The writers were a personal thrill, not experienced in any other publication I receive. I flipped through it and drove my husband, Eric, crazy, with remarks like, “Oh! There’s Rand!” and “I know that guy,” and “I thought he was younger!” (I won’t tell you which author I said that about.)

It’s an “A-List” bonanza for sure. One peek at the publisher’s information and the list of contributors tells the story. Rand Fishkin. Jaimie Sirovich. Eric Ward. Chris Boggs. Garrett French. Nacho Hernadez. And many more. Fortunately there is at least one woman! Chrysi Philalithes, whom I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from in the years to come, wrote the exceptional “Reach Users on the Go: New Opportunties in Mobile Marketing”.

I learned about marketing to the Hispanic market from Nacho, in his very well written piece called “Searching for the US Hispanic Market”. Garrett does a nice job explaining social search, in terms that don’t sound overly technical, thank goodness.

Every issue has at least one instructional article with example code. Jaimie wrote this one, called “How to Avoid Duplicate Content”. Rand does what he’s fond of doing, and that’s sharing what he’s learned about business management. One of this more popular blog posts was about SEOMoz’s hiring process. His article, “How to Build an Exceptional SEO Staff” goes beyond that theme in broader scope and detail.

The interview is of Richard Rosen, VP of Business Development of Jambo. There is an article on pay-per-click. Eric Ward’s “My SEO Firm Got Me Banned! Now What?” is an informative and fun read.

This magazine continues to be a real joy to read. The advertisements have a Web 2.0 look to them, with bright colors and large fonts. It’s funny to scan the ads and say to myself, “Oh, there’s Bob Mutch! I know him!” or “Hey, Andy Beal has an ad in there. Cool!”

Maybe they should change the name of the magazine to “SEO Fans and Fanatics” instead.

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