For fun and because some of the questions and informative posts coming into Cre8asiteforums lately are interesting, I decided to share some of them.

(Special note to the latest viagra spammer. Thanks for the laughs and being so obviously useless.)

Okay, here we go.

If you handcode CSS, why bother with Dreamweaver (or any WYSIWYG) app?

Price perceptions – shocks in store? Ammon writes,

…a new study highlighted by Wharton, has shown that most people automatically assume that they are being gouged on prices any time they shop.

Myspace Really Troubles Me, Share your thoughts with me on this? This is a really thoughtful series of posts.

Grievous Situation – I’m Getting Framed As A Spammer Take notes.

Designing For Dyslexics This is a very valuable thread that contains personal experiences and instruction.

Confirmation: It Takes A Small Effort, But I’m coming back If you are ecommerce or customer service inclined, this is a nice discussion with ideas and personal experiences.

10 Things You Need To Do When It Comes To Seo? If you don’t know, come to a forums and hope they teach you well.

Localized Search Strategies Ongoing discussion with priceless input.

Elsewhere in Internet-land, Ammon Johns posted a nice piece for SEOMoz called The New Model SEO Customer.

But far more notable than this is that he has been a long-term member at some top SEO forums, and is reading the same blogs and reference material as many of the SEO practitioners I know.

Some food for thought there, eh?

Website Design, SEO and Usability Laws or Beat Your Own Drum?
User Centered Design, Trust and Peekaboo


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