Kids are home from school all week, and I’m hosting a Thanksgiving gathering this year, so posting will be light. I’ve got the 20 pound turkey, and a chore-list that’s a mile long. Here’s a bit of news to share, however, just to prove that bloggers can keep this up under the most extreme of circumstances. Like the parents and in-laws coming to a holiday dinner…

Accessibility Legislation by country is a must-have for global web design. (Hat tip Rosie Sherry)

A new Googelite is born. Congratulations to We Build Pages, Jim and Mary Boykin, and big brother Boykin, on the birth of their new baby boy, Nathaniel Thomas Scott Boykin.

Randall McCarley, of 14th Colony has launched Linkers Union.

“Linker’s Union is the new site about backlink building. To get started we are giving away one free link per site!”

The Search Engine College has launched its new website interface. They’ve designed a more user friendly outer shell around the online school. The new navigation tabs make getting inside easier and faster. Nice giant login area on the homepage. For conversions, the homepage attempts to immediately determine the user task by sorting out the various user persona types who arrive. By defining them in this way, guesswork is removed and visitors can be productive on arrival.

If you would like to assist in a blog research graduate studies project, MotherPie has an online survey to take before December 6. I participated. It was painless.

“Online news use, blogging with a sub-study on female blogs with a special emphasis on mom blogs will be included in this project.”

All the posts last week on Pubcon coverage were great reading. So were the SEO’s Doing the Hugh Hefner Lifestyle pictures put up by Barry (Rustybrick) Schwartz. There were so many of Rand Fishkin that I dreamt about him one night. What’s worse? I can’t remember all the fun details, darn it.

Un-secret messages to Lisa Barone…yes! (to SES Chicago) and thank goodness (for “Ms. Dewey, not Kim. We love Kim.”)

As for the news about Danny Sullivan’s new Search Engine Land, a venture that so far lists himself, Chris Sherman and Barry Schwartz as the leading men, I have to ask. I have to. It’s my job. Well, it’s not really. I’m just terribly curious. Are there movie roles for women as well?

Apparently color matters. For the record, I’m an Autumn.

A new contest! Search Engine Roundtable & RustyBrick Contest. Please save me one!

Which reminds me…yes. I made 396 arrangements to do it, including boarding my golden retriever, Dakota, for a week at the doggie-spa down the road. Yes. I will be at Search Engine Strategies Conference, Chicago, reporting for Search Engine Roundtable and trying not to make Barry regret letting me do this. I will be looking for every usability nugget that can be found at a search engine conference. There has to be something, somewhere.

Football Life

We don’t have to look far to find sports drama at my house. At the moment, the main topic is football, and the Philadelphia Eagles (and the devastating knee injury to Donavan McNabb.) Usually it’s hockey and the Flyers, but this year, Flyers hockey is so bad that my ex-husband and son, who are traditionally diehard fans, won’t even watch the games.

My 13 year old son, Stefan, made both the Jr. Varsity and Varsity football teams at his Middle School this year. He played 7 positions, for the Offense, Defense and Kick Line. Basically, the kid can tackle anybody. Size and weight are irrelevant. Speed is being worked on. A good sign was when he sacked a Quarterback during one game. That was awesome to watch!

Our school district has two Middle Schools (a third one opens next September), and each year, the two school football Varsity football teams play each other. This year, Stefan’s Varsity team was undefeated in their division, so that game drew a big crowd from his school.

Though a 7th grader, he played with the 8th graders in that Varsity duel and helped them hold on to their undefeated status, with a 28 – 0 game. One of his friends took a bad hit to his head, however, and didn’t know where he was. Stefan was truly troubled seeing his team mate, and good friend, confused and disoriented on the sidelines. This is one of those ongoing fears that goes along with parenting an athletic kid.

All the men in my life tell me “its part of the game” and shrug it off when I start asking questions.

It must be part of some football code that you don’t tell mom’s much about the scarier side of contact sports.

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