Periodically this question pops up.

“Where are the women?” Be they bloggers, or web site developers, or programmers, when it comes to certain industries, suddenly the number of men to women drastically drops.

I’ve worked with computers since the late 1970′s. (Yes, they existed then!) I’ve also had many personal experiences, some horrible and some beautiful, working in jobs and industries that thrived on two things – computers and men. I have acutely strong loyalties to the men who treated me well. They, in fact, outnumber the women. However, if it were not for several outstanding women and their guidance, I would not be here now.

There’s a living pulse that throbs through every blogger. It cries for a Voice. Approval. Respect. Acknowledgement. Money (yes, for some that’s the only reason for living). Opportunity. The heart rate of this blog raced when I came across a post about popular blogs that excluded anything written by women bloggers.

How could that be? The blog author, I’m convinced, had no ill will towards women. What he did, by this omission, was to bring to us something to explore. Though he writes that he asked for favorite blog post submissions from women bloggers, none apparently responded to that request. Which begs the question. Why?

Rather than have a hissy fit, (I had a mild case of “WHAT THE HECK!” instead), I’ve set out to find the women who blog on search engines, search engine optimization, marketing, web design, web development, usability, user experience and user centered design, and blogging (because many top how-to bloggers are men.)

The list begins with suggestions and comments found at All The Female Bloggers Say Heyyyy!…Hello? Ladies?, Lip-Sticking’s “A Little Girl Talk from Home” and Cr8pc’s Kim Berg Has a Point, in addition to more of mine from my personal feeds and Suggested Sites.

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Popular Blog Posts (Please note that his comments are closed. He has invited Shelley Powers to write a guest post on Sexism in Blogging, in response to the uproar.)


Where are the women bloggers in the following industries?

Search engines, search engine optimization, marketing, web design, web development, usability, user experience and user centered design, and the blogging experience (how-to, showcase genres, inspirational…)?

Please use the comments (moderated as they are for spam) to add your choice (be it yourself, or others). Feel free to explain why a particular technical industry woman blogger is your favorite.
We are many. Let’s shove the bacon up some you know what.

Lorelle VanFossen

Diane Vigil

Yvonne’s LipSticking

Charlene Li

Kathy Sierra

Rosie Sherry

Rebecca, Jane and Mystery Guest at

Lisa Barone

Donna Maurer

Debra Masteler

Donna Fontenot

Molly Holzschlag

Sophie Wegat

Holly Buchanan

Daryn Kagan

Debbie Weil

Mary Schmidt

Jackie Huba

Liana Evans

Vanessa Fox + Amanda Camp

Natasha Robinson

Internet Strategy Blog (“mostly female staff”)

Jen Dotson

Rae Hoffman (“SugarRae”)

Jill Whalen

Kari Freudenberger

Elizabeth Ablereach (Editor of Cre8tive Flow)

Linda Riley

Kalena Jordan

Scottie Claiborne

Kimber Cook

Michele Miller

Jennifer Slegg

Jennifer Laycock

Tamar Weinberg

Linux Chix

Lea de Groot

This list is continued in Women Bloggers in the Tech Industry. Thank you to all who are responding to the call for your favorite women in tech bloggers.

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