I decided to see what are considered “the most popular blog posts” in today’s Google Blogoscoped blog piece titled Popular Blog Posts.

Every single blogger featured was a man.

That turned me off. No women? There’s so many brilliant, creative, contributing, fun women bloggers. Of the MILLIONS of blogs, this list focused on men?

The blog post author insists women were inquired of. To which someone commented:

How many women did you write compared to men?

One? Two?

Looked for a couple in the Technorati Top and left it at that?

Not to make light or ignore all the single Dad’s, work from home Dad’s and Dad’s holding down job, house and kids there are (I have met and spoken to so many of them…and deeply love and cherish these guys), there remains many more women like me, who work from home and run the home and all the jobs related to that including accountant, maid, cook, nurse, errands runner, appointment maker, gardner, daycare provider and taxi driver.

Hubby gets the milk on his way home from his long day and 3 hour daily commute, to save me that hassle. I appreciate the help. He’s also the “pool boy”, otherwise we wouldn’t have purchased a house that has one. No way was I taking THAT job on too.

My son loves to mow lawns because he’s athletic and maintaining the property (small as it is) helps him stay in shape. He’s learning to help me with the vegetable (organic) and flower gardens because he’s interested in those things.

Daughter manages to clean her room once a month. Her day will come. My mom has had the biggest kick watching me suffer, after whining while being raised about how hard it was to take care of my bedroom.

Step-son is young and is in the “put your cup in the dishwasher and don’t pee on the toilet seat” stage. Not much help from him.

When I get time to fit in this blog, I don’t aim for the popularity contest or being Slashdotted, thank you very much. I’m not aiming for the Blogosphere list, but there are plenty of exciting female bloggers out there worth featuring, even if it means waiting a little while longer for them to do 146 other things before they reply to your request.

Meanwhile, back in my little world, it’s a priviledge just to have a moment or two to write at all. When I look for stuff to read, I aim for some of my favorite women bloggers:

Lorelle VanFossen

Diane Vigil

Yvonne’s LipSticking

Charlene Li

Kathy Sierra

Rosie Sherry

Rebecca, Jane and Mystery Guest at SEOMoz.org

Lisa Barone

Donna Maurer

Debra Masteler

Donna Fontenot

Molly Holzschlag

Sophie Wegat

Holly Buchanan

Daryn Kagan (Whoo hoo! She’s back!)

Who are the women bloggers you love to read on a regular basis?

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Daryn Kagan is Back!


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