It started innocently enough. Cre8asiteforums member, “Jozian”, felt that a moderator’s avatar didn’t do him justice. Being of talent and courage, he took action last week. The result is I got to see myself in a sculpted body, Paul has hair, Ammon has claws and Donna is more gorgeous than ever.

Jozian wrote, in Send2paul Needs A Better Avatar:

Paul: hope you do not take offense at me making some edits. Given your stature here, I think you deserve a better Avatar to represent you. I cleaned it up by hand, adjusted contrast a few ways, edited his left eye to open it a bit more, and converted to grey to give it a more professional feel.

Challenge: Can anyone do it better?

What happened next took on a life of its own. I became Wonder Woman, to represent the Sexy Goddess topic of earlier. (The story went like this. I kept seeing people searching for adult terms in my older blog’s site search engine. Some of them were so funny, I wrote an article called “Do I look like a Sex Goddess to You?”, which eventually ranked so well that if you Googled my name, the sex goddess article came up in the number one or two spots. My last two blog posts were spoofs on bringing back that old rank from a few years ago.)

The avatar re-do’s became quite popular and developed into visions of how artists imagined folks at Cre8asiteforums.

May I present to you:

Bill Slawski, Admin

Bill Slawski

Joe Dolson, Member (He really does play the violin)

Joe Dolson

Donna Swainzy, Moderator

Donna Swainzy

There’s more to see and more artists starting to chip in with their own renditions of people. Ammon Johns as a Wolverine, Paul as Superman, and other people offering to be re-drawn and re-imagined, for fun.

No reason to be bored this weekend. Stop on by, join in the fun or just view some of the creativity.

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