A post about being sexy. Dedicated to Rebecca and Lisa, because Rebecca likes sexy writing and Lisa is just hysterical, and that’s sexy. And, because I have to bump “sexy goddess” back up in rank, so that I come up in those searches again. Long story.

I missed the boat. But, he tossed in a fish and even kept his famous mile-long blog roll. Check out Bill Slawski’s SEO by the Sea new blog template. People are talking.

It’s time for the holidays. Do you know where your website is? Liana Evans discusses load issues in Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Shopping Rush?.

DonnaM is doing what I think I should do just to get the experience, but she’s got the incentive. Testing keyboard accessibility shares some of her observations and personal experiences.

We’ve opened up the floor to everyone who wants to share stories for November 14 Is World Usability Day – Year 2. This event has a founder, who has much to say in World Usability Day: Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Director. From her interview:

“Many times, technology isn’t developed for people. It’s driven by the markets, or technology, and it doesn’t actually assist anyone – it just gets in the way. There are a lot of areas where the implications are more serious. For instance, it’s important in healthcare, education, and government. Voting machines could be a problem – in order to function as promised, they have to be really easy to use,” she explained.Her ultimate goal in the day’s celebration is to get the message out beyond the usability community.

Funny, in a Dove Commerical Kind of Way

How to publically torture forums moderators and still fool them into believing they’re a sex goddess. Because being a sex goddess blogger is what this post is all about. In a sex-crazed, ugly Betty world, in which being Kim Krause Berg, the sex goddess, is too easy to optimize for in a world where “sex” and “goddess” are popular search terms. I want to rank this sexy blog because this is the age of older women who are hot and look thirty when they’re sixty. Which is why I asked for my forums avatar to be modified, like the Dove commerical. Gimme the long neck and big eyes. My sex goddess clock is ticking.

Speaking of Sexy

Rand sent Rebecca to hang out with Ammon. Risky move there, Randfish. She likes his training sessions. Garrick doesn’t say things like “You’re a lucky woman” to just anybody.

Sexy Man and His Spam

If you saw how many spam posts we get, and how many automated member signups we get from the same IP’s, and how many members and posts we stalk and destroy every day at Cre8asiteforums, you’d wonder why we don’t start charging for membership to pay for our time. We wouldn’t do that to you.

We would, however, have some laughs at your expense.

Not a Sex Goddess

All this talk on Ms. Dewey, so I go to see what all the hoopla is about and I need to upgrade my FLASH. *I* have to upgrade. I’m a sex goddess. I will not upgrade just to use a search engine. Sheesh.

Judge Kim Krause Berg (the sex goddess)

I sent in my pick for the final contest winner in Marketing Pilgrim’s SEM Contest. It was very hard to decide. Risa, if you’re reading this, I was so proud of you! David Temple, I also enjoyed your post on education. There were several entries that were fun to read. Congratulations to everyone who gave it a shot. Andy announces the winner tomorrow. I can’t wait to see who won!

No, I’m not going to PubCon. I’m not on that list. I, like many other sexy goddesses who have a trillion responsibilities at home, will be glued to your blogs for all the news and taking 3 hour lunches, because we’re jealous and we hate you.

There’s something naughty about a site that calls itself Review Me. Come on. You got that joke, didn’t you. Anyway, it launched today. You get paid to do things. (Well, maybe you will. This blog didn’t qualify for inclusion. That hurt.)

And finally, I saw an ad for a job opening outside Philadelphia for a Usability Engineer that required both usability testing and design skills, as well as search engine optimization and marketing experience. It’s the first time I’ve seen an ad for a position that combines the two industries. Unfortunately, the salary started at $60,000. That would barely pay for one side of the equation, if they really understand what they’re asking for.

Thank heavens this post is finished. I’m all seo-optimized-spoofed out.

Added 11/10 – I might not have made his list, but I did finally make his blog…On Being a Sex Goddess. Very cool, that assist!

Larry Constantine Releases Two New Usability Documents
About That SEO Bait to Get Into Review Me


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