Working from home has its perks. However, having done this for four years full-time now, I’m not convinced it’s healthy. People need people, even if in small doses once in awhile. It’s a rare company that allows the freedom to let its employees be themselves and not put their personal, true selves on hold when they enter the building. I’ve always thought negating our human-ness was nonsense.

Since I’m alone during the work day, I’m interested in stories where the folks from the industries I work in are highlighted. Halloween is a fun time to see who has a sense of humor. In one case, I was more impressed that the company was willing to relax the dress code for a day.

I enjoyed seeing the folks at Bruce Clay Inc.’s all dressed in costumes, yet still working. The way I see it, a company that lets its hair down periodically is contributing to creating good health for its employees. People connect on many levels, not just through their careers or skills. Humor, a change in the regular conversation, an event that energizes and a change in the environment all help in creating new relationships and friendships. When managers look as silly as everyone else, that’s a company that understands the value of their best product – their employees.

A popular SEO in her own right, Donna Fontenot (aka “DazzlinDonna”), posted what I thought was a great idea. She lists 75 SEO Interviews on her blog. The list continued to grow as she gathered more , so that now it is at 113 interviews. She wrote,

I love getting to know fellow SEOs a little better by reading interviews of them.

Interviews are indeed great reading when they offer insight into a person. I took a step into being the interviewer myself, with digital-telepathy Paves Way Toward Socially Responsible “Green” Marketing. I have more interviews in the works, since discovering that my natural curiosity for things provides the incentive to ask questions and dig deeper into the things I may not understand.

You might think that as a forums founder I would have enough community surrounding me. Truly, without Cre8asiteforums, I’d be miserable. Learning how to communicate on the Internet takes skills we don’t use in verbal conversations, however. On the ‘Net, we substitute emoticons and sentence structure for facial expressions. It’s not enough to satisfy the human part of us that requires physical contact.

What we can’t replicate are vibes, auras, energy or whatever you want to call that stuff that leaks out of us and touches others when we get together.

I’ve been wondering at what the human species will be like 100 years from now.

What will a generation of IM, text message, forums and comments posts, YouTube, MySpace, emoticon expressive people be like?

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